Fainted Eyes – Celtic Frost

As reality disappears in haze A journey between eternal walls… The senses unfold before my eyes As the endless dreams begin to reign And my hands slip off the edge The waters grow dumb While they descend behind Fainted eyes Drifting in the streams of wisdom While recognizing all those banal tales Sin beyond truth, […]

The Usurper – Celtic Frost

So I may reign the Jewel Throne My soul feels the gods’ demand As the lost kings uphold my side Blood and sand Mark their way The usurper’s tears Guide my sword… Fantasia slept in my thoughts As I was a son of infinity The emperor, forgotten, rests in my dreams As, back to the […]

A Descent To Babylon (Babylon Asleep) – Celtic Frost

Striving to hurt, for flesh becomes dirt Resting within, the sacred fire I can’t withhold, the lies untold Dances and cries, a descent to Babylon Wine in my hand, a descent to Babylon All eyes must foul, in stench of fear Killing to quench, Babylon’s tears We are whispering for holy wine Innocence to reign, […]

(Beyond The) North Winds – Celtic Frost

Drops of mute oceans breath in the palm of my hand The sound of silent waves still caresses all my thoughts Where warm, mystic floods dominated the upper hemisphere And dark ships sailed beyond those lost realms Through gates to eternity, above the sleeping mind Forever inconquerable seemed the walls of time To those who […]