Flow (King Koopa) – Chamillionaire

We still here, ain’t goin’ no where SwishaHouse [Chamillionaire] -Listen Man Chamill, that nigga still handlin’ steel Hoppin’ out the […]

Go Grind – Chamillionaire

Listen.. They say rapping’s a waste of knowledge “Take ya ass to college” Now they broke ass call us Tryin […]

Here I Am – Chamillionaire

You about to witness the strength in front of a bitch [Chamillionaire] Sony Music, Interscope, Universal Records and Def Jam […]

Still Tippin – Chamillionaire

Still Tippin’ on four fours, wrapped in fo-fours Tippin’ four hoes, and I’m packin’ four fours (Hanh!) Now look who […]

Body Rock – Chamillionaire

Hol’ Up Chamillitary mayne All pussy niggaz make your way To the exit right now It’s finna’ go down [Verse […]

Texas Boys – Chamillionaire

Color Changin’ Click, Chamillionaire, Rasaq boy!.. Ay.. what yall really know ’bout this Texas Boys man [Pimp C – Insert] […]

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