Realest Niggas In It – Chamillionaire

(*talking*) Excuse me for not introducing myself correctly I am the Man on Fire, A. K. A. the Mix Tape Messiah A. K. A. the Chamilli-nator ha-ha, Smallz let’s get em You know what time it is, H-Town stand up you know who I am [Hook] Said it then I meant it, (I’m the realest […]

She Gangsta – Chamillionaire

[Chamillionaire] Now she’s mo-ving through the club, in her gangsta strut Her weapon’s loaded up, and now she’s aiming to bust ow-ow So gangsta, the way she shoots You found a thug, I’m down with you Instead of filling him up with lead, with gun shots to the head She’s at the bar she’s getting […]

What Would U Do – Chamillionaire

[Paul Wall] My life, ain’t all peaches and cream This fame thing and this game bring, more pain than it seem I ain’t trying to be depressed, and I’m greatful for my blessing But sometimes it just feels like, there’s some’ing missing I got all the answers, but ain’t no questions I wonder if God’s, […]

On Yo Azz – Chamillionaire

Get them Eastside niggaz on yo azz (on yo azz) Get them Westside niggaz on yo azz (on yo azz) Get them Northside niggaz on yo azz (on yo azz) Oh we them real muthafucker’s, real muthafucker’s, real (what you gon’ do?) Real muthafucker’s, real muthafucker’s (what you gon’ do?) We some real muthafucker’s, real […]

Screw Jams – Chamillionaire

She told the DJ pardon me, I need some Swishahouse Color Changin’ Click and, Boss Hogg and Wreckin’ Yard in my life (In my life, in my life, in my life) weeell A Slow Loud And Bangin’ c. d., some Screwed Up Click and A little Sucka Free, cause that’s what I need in my […]

Flow (Runnin’ The Game) – Chamillionaire

You can lick the dick on a stick If you don’t think that I’m the ish You mad cuz you suck like some lips on a big tit Hoe? No, I’ma laugh Ice clearer then fiber glass Bootleggers without a lab Don’t hide cuz we’ll ya ass Chamillion is kinda mad I’m rich like I’ma […]

Flow (Street Shit) – Chamillionaire

Nigga always talkin’ drama like they want this piece As soon as I see em’ in the streets all they want is peace It’s strange how a piece-maker Faker turned peace-maker King Koopa the cocky copy-machine cuz I keep paper And it’s so gangsta, the way the funds stack up The way I spend it, […]

Falsifying – Chamillionaire

Hold up these bois frontin like they movin blocks Like big dope slangaz on swangaz cruising drops I can’t stand niggaz rappin like they use them glocks You ain’t a ball hog nigga you ain’t shootin them shots Niggaz claim to have strikes like a referee But you ain’t callin no shots nigga technically This […]

Answer Machine (Interlude) – Chamillionaire

I wan’ take the time out to give a shout out to everybody that’s been helping me to get where I’m at today all tha people that been mentoring me and giving me good guidance charlie braxton, flex, scarface, lump, kj, c-loe in atl, killer mike, mat sonzalla, bun-b and all tha rest of the […]

Switch Styles – Chamillionaire

As we get on the proceedings this evening Ha-ha, it’s Koopa nigga, it’s Koopa nigga Hey man switch styles man, stay switching styles You know I’m tal’n bout, switch everything nigga Paint switching, no teams We ain’t switching teams baby, ha already It’s Color Changin’ Click, hey Mix Tape Messiah Let’s go, let’s go, let’s […]

Sittin Back – Chamillionaire

Ha-ha aah, y’all know what it is Now say it with me (tell ’em the name) Chamillitary mayn, hold up y’all know what it is Chamillitary mayn, yeah (hmmm) Mixtape Messiah, told em [Hook] I’m sitting back in my Impala, wondering why niggaz be hating on me And I figure that maybe it’s cause, I’m […]

You Got Wrecked – Chamillionaire

I step in the club, and I’m throwin’ up my set Cup-Cup at the bar, and???? I got special effects surroundin’ my neck [Chamillionaire] No-No you don’t nigga, Dike Jones just got wrecked When I step in the club, you breakin’ yo neck You know why I’m here, to take my respect You can’t get […]

Not Friendly – Chamillionaire

Color Changin’ Click, ay man I still ain’t drop a solo album yet I’m runnin’ the game huh?, Controversy Sells comin’ soon Nah no need to be excited about that I’m runnin’ the game right, yeah, I can’t hear you, Yeah Nigga I’m trunk popped up I’m crawlin’ crab (what the heck that mean?) I’m […]

Gun Smoke – Chamillionaire

1 and a 2 and a 3 (Nobody!) And a 1, and a 2 and a 3 (Nobody!) And a 1, 2, 3 (Nobody!) And a 1 and 2 and a 3! (Nobody!) [Bridge ] What ya mean? (Put ya mug on) What you mean? (Put ya mug on) What you mean? (Put ya mug […]

My Money Gets Jealous – Chamillionaire

It’s funny how hoes don’t believe me Mr. Mannhatta and Cattahatta, But gave it to me cause I’m greedy Don’t be touchin all on my money because that makes my honey look slezzy Getin paid is like good sex because my money comes easy. My fat stack be the reason Nappy head hoes try to […]

Flow (Oochie Wally) – Chamillionaire

A-Keem drunk gleam Unlock, pop the scene Kickers soundin’ like my trunk just swallowed a soccer-team The candy-berry drop Sittin’ outside the Merriot Is what got ya miss very hot Tryna give me the hairy spot My album ain’t barely drop I don’t live on a fairy block A scary block, where niggas get buried […]

Flow (Air Force Ones) – Chamillionaire

I know they gon’ get pissed over This flow that I did for ya Forget what them tricks told ya I’m slick with the pistol-a No purple in his soda..but I’ll sell ya the bar 16 bars cost 35 throw a dollar at ya boy The next nigga that talk down, and say that ballin’ […]

Roll Call – Chamillionaire

Attention, little kids I know, you’re fans of his If it ain’t no Cham, then it ain’t gon jam I threw it, off a bridge And, if it hurts your ears And you’re tired, of what you hear Homie have no fear, the Messiah’s here We gon shut it down, this year yeah [Chamillionaire] A. […]

Call Some Hoes – Chamillionaire

[Talking] Mafia niggaz Yeah, yeah [Chorus] Oh ohh oh ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhh! Let me call some, call some girls that I knowww, knowww I don’t mean the bougie ones from befohhh, ‘fohhh I need some girls that’s really down to get lowww, lowwww [Kanye – talking over Chorus] It’s ya boy Kanye to The The Roc […]

N Luv Wit My Money – Chamillionaire

Ha-ha-ha-ha, right now you listening To the greatest show on earth my nigga Ha-ha, Chamillitary mayn [Intro – 2x] Oh yeah, still in love with my money yeah If the world was sucka free It would be just me, and my money next to me [Hook] Make that money mayn, watch the jealousy it shows […]

Victory – Chamillionaire

That’s what it is, “The Sound of Revenge” Summer 2005 nigga, whoooooo [Chamillionaire] Gimmick rappers, can’t lie forever But as long as I’m here, gimmick rappers gon die together Told lil’ mama I love drama, no one tried to tell her She shoulda left the club, instead of trying to find a fella The villain’s […]

Ask About Me – Chamillionaire

Naw mayn I’m not Blood deep or Crip deep, six feet a click deep How deep this deep, Nine Mili’ clip deep With this heat a body builder, turn into a pip-squeak They turn to vegetarians, they don’t wanna end up mince meat You’ll see, where the mortuary is at I know you miss me […]