In These Streets – Chamillionaire

Who the trillest, the answer you thought you knew it, you blew it thats why they drew it, the pistol soon as it hits you, you wish you never do it, bang till your brain spew it, Houston is full of sewege, its true it ain’t nothing to it, they will do it act like […]

Flow (Set It Off) – Chamillionaire

[Chamillionaire] Off that drank color-color changin’ anaconda man Ice bright as a night light or whiter then Madonna’s hand Oops! I did it again, jewlrey man give him a grand Man chain changin’ colors like a man gettin’ a tan I ain’t no stupid..Jim Carrey Heat..Koopa will carry Knock ya out til’ you fall asleep […]

Flow (This Is For My Gangstaz) – Chamillionaire

Yeah..Yall listening to the Chamillionaire’s Greatest Hitz mayne The real deal..don’t get the bootleg If O. G. Ron C ain’t on yo shit mayne, you got the bootleg Get the real shit [Chamillionaire] Mans from the state Tex We treat plex like great sex Look at my dresser..and I bet you gon’ see where we […]

Flow (Rich Niggaz) – Chamillionaire

Look.. My car sittin’ as low as the IQ of kids on short yellow busses Comin’ slow like a cripple handicap kid, on crutches Got more ice then Miller Light and a 100,000 slushes Got somethin’ in my clutches made for niggaz holdin’ grudges Poppa lookin’ for a bootlegger I can abuse tonight My princess […]

Back Up Plan – Chamillionaire

[Chamillionaire] Oooh-ooooh-oooh-oo-ooh Just believe, something real freaky’s going down Oooh-ooooh-oooh-oo-ooh Take a sip of this, and just let it relax your mind Oooh-ooooh-oooh-oo-ooh Please do not disturb, on the door you see that sign [Hook] Oooh-ooooh-oooh, I’m really feeling you If you can keep a secret, then I’ll keep a secret too And this is […]

Hate It Or Love It Houston – Chamillionaire

Ha-ha whooo, Southern Smoke You’re in the presence of the finest I ain’t gotta say it, you know who this is DJ Smallz (Chamillitary mayn) They pointing at me Smallz, man on fire I’m not that bad right Smallz, ha-ha let’s go [Chamillionaire] They could tell I was built to last, by the way I […]

Flow (What Y’all Niggas Gone Do?) – Chamillionaire

They gon’ just get upset When I hop out the Vette Throw the keys and tell the valet to catch See gettin’ green is a damn sinch I’m the 22 inch grinch I hog money, I’ma ball hog while haters is warming the bench Fall in love with a gold-digger, for what? Nigga my guns […]

I’m Tip Down – Chamillionaire

[Rasaq] I tip down, grippin’ on pine Sour apple caddie wine berry overline Paint on shine, reclined on swine Slab in slow-mo, but my rims on rewind The block won’t mind, trunk blow from behind Open up the fist see the glow and design, man So throw’d you can hate em’, rose gold in the […]

Still In Love With My Money – Chamillionaire

[Chorus] When I call you on the phone You’re never at home You been gone for so long and I feel so alone Your love of money gone ruin our relationship but you say it isn’t and thats a lie [Chamillionaire] Girl I ain’t trippin’ I Know that you’re feelin’ alone but I feel you […]

Still In Love Wit My Money – Chamillionaire

Ha-ha-ha-ha, right now you listening To the greatest show on earth my nigga Ha-ha, Chamillitary mayn [Intro – 2x] Oh yeah, still in love with my money yeah If the world was sucka free It would be just me, and my money next to me [Hook] Make that money mayn, watch the jealousy it shows […]

Front To Back – Chamillionaire

[Woman: “Mixtape Messiah”….Yeah nigga it’s the Mixtape Messiah nigga, ol’ pussy ass nigga] [U. G. K. Inserts: Bun-B (Pimp-C)] {Chamillionaire} From the back (back), to this front (front) Now to the side (side) {Get ya step on} (repeat 4x) {Hold up, Okay} (What goes up, must come down) From the back (must come down) To […]

We Gonna Ride – Chamillionaire

(Talking ‘Bout?) [Big Moe Inserts] -Ayayo, it’s the Big Humvy, Hummer-Hummer -I don’ took a pint to the head like, I don’-I don’ took a pint to the head like [Rasaq] Yo, Aoww!, Color Change nigga (yeah) It’s Rasaq boy (Color Change is a Army nigga) We… Ay put ya deuce up in the air […]

I’m Da King – Chamillionaire

(T. I. Insert) Ay what these other niggaz talkin’, I don’t believe that shit I’m the King cuz I said it and I mean that shit Ay I’m the king cuz I said it, I’m the king cuz I said it I’m the king cuz I said it and I mean that shit Ay what […]

True – Chamillionaire

(*talking*) Here lizard-lizard-liazrd, uh It’s the almighty King Koopa, Chamillionaire The color changing lizard, the Mixtape Messiah Please stand for the ghetto national anthem, let’s go [Hook – 2x] Forget what them boys is talking bout, I’m true-I’m true You riding swangs you gripping grain, I do-I do You candy red you candy blue, you […]

Hurtin Em Bad – Chamillionaire

Yeah nigga we hurtin’ em’ bad Droppin’ these bangin’ ass beats Better go warn ya niggaz because Chamillion is comin’ with heat Niggaz gon’ recognize the realest Soon as it hit the streets Niggaz be thinkin’ they runnin’ shit But all that noise gon’ seize [Verse] You don’t want me to bat, I’ma bad ass […]

The Truth Is Back!!! – Chamillionaire

[Hook] You hear a lot of music, but it’s boring You hear a lot of flows, but don’t enjoy ’em You hear a lot of albums, and you snoring But the truth is back, now they say where you been Cause we ain’t really seen you out performing You back up in the streets, you […]

Weatherman – Chamillionaire

Big Swangaz and Vouges Them 20 inches sittin low We Ball 24’s 7’s all that we know Screens and neon lights gon show When my trunk unlock pop and show Ya already know Paint drippin off the door Not engaged with no lady, fall in love with ’em no! You may think I’m crazy never […]

Flow (Trendsetta) – Chamillionaire

Livin’ the life of a straight trendsetta What you do good, I always do better While you dream bout makin money I make all the cheddar Will I stop? Never [Chamillionaire] -Ever When I open up the trunk it look so sweet Presto I’m changin’ Antwan to open Sesame Street I’ma roll model for all […]

Realest Niggas In It – Chamillionaire

(*talking*) Excuse me for not introducing myself correctly I am the Man on Fire, A. K. A. the Mix Tape Messiah A. K. A. the Chamilli-nator ha-ha, Smallz let’s get em You know what time it is, H-Town stand up you know who I am [Hook] Said it then I meant it, (I’m the realest […]

She Gangsta – Chamillionaire

[Chamillionaire] Now she’s mo-ving through the club, in her gangsta strut Her weapon’s loaded up, and now she’s aiming to bust ow-ow So gangsta, the way she shoots You found a thug, I’m down with you Instead of filling him up with lead, with gun shots to the head She’s at the bar she’s getting […]

What Would U Do – Chamillionaire

[Paul Wall] My life, ain’t all peaches and cream This fame thing and this game bring, more pain than it seem I ain’t trying to be depressed, and I’m greatful for my blessing But sometimes it just feels like, there’s some’ing missing I got all the answers, but ain’t no questions I wonder if God’s, […]

On Yo Azz – Chamillionaire

Get them Eastside niggaz on yo azz (on yo azz) Get them Westside niggaz on yo azz (on yo azz) Get them Northside niggaz on yo azz (on yo azz) Oh we them real muthafucker’s, real muthafucker’s, real (what you gon’ do?) Real muthafucker’s, real muthafucker’s (what you gon’ do?) We some real muthafucker’s, real […]

Screw Jams – Chamillionaire

She told the DJ pardon me, I need some Swishahouse Color Changin’ Click and, Boss Hogg and Wreckin’ Yard in my life (In my life, in my life, in my life) weeell A Slow Loud And Bangin’ c. d., some Screwed Up Click and A little Sucka Free, cause that’s what I need in my […]

Flow (Runnin’ The Game) – Chamillionaire

You can lick the dick on a stick If you don’t think that I’m the ish You mad cuz you suck like some lips on a big tit Hoe? No, I’ma laugh Ice clearer then fiber glass Bootleggers without a lab Don’t hide cuz we’ll ya ass Chamillion is kinda mad I’m rich like I’ma […]

Flow (Street Shit) – Chamillionaire

Nigga always talkin’ drama like they want this piece As soon as I see em’ in the streets all they want is peace It’s strange how a piece-maker Faker turned peace-maker King Koopa the cocky copy-machine cuz I keep paper And it’s so gangsta, the way the funds stack up The way I spend it, […]

Falsifying – Chamillionaire

Hold up these bois frontin like they movin blocks Like big dope slangaz on swangaz cruising drops I can’t stand niggaz rappin like they use them glocks You ain’t a ball hog nigga you ain’t shootin them shots Niggaz claim to have strikes like a referee But you ain’t callin no shots nigga technically This […]

Answer Machine (Interlude) – Chamillionaire

I wan’ take the time out to give a shout out to everybody that’s been helping me to get where I’m at today all tha people that been mentoring me and giving me good guidance charlie braxton, flex, scarface, lump, kj, c-loe in atl, killer mike, mat sonzalla, bun-b and all tha rest of the […]

Switch Styles – Chamillionaire

As we get on the proceedings this evening Ha-ha, it’s Koopa nigga, it’s Koopa nigga Hey man switch styles man, stay switching styles You know I’m tal’n bout, switch everything nigga Paint switching, no teams We ain’t switching teams baby, ha already It’s Color Changin’ Click, hey Mix Tape Messiah Let’s go, let’s go, let’s […]

Sittin Back – Chamillionaire

Ha-ha aah, y’all know what it is Now say it with me (tell ’em the name) Chamillitary mayn, hold up y’all know what it is Chamillitary mayn, yeah (hmmm) Mixtape Messiah, told em [Hook] I’m sitting back in my Impala, wondering why niggaz be hating on me And I figure that maybe it’s cause, I’m […]

You Got Wrecked – Chamillionaire

I step in the club, and I’m throwin’ up my set Cup-Cup at the bar, and???? I got special effects surroundin’ my neck [Chamillionaire] No-No you don’t nigga, Dike Jones just got wrecked When I step in the club, you breakin’ yo neck You know why I’m here, to take my respect You can’t get […]

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