Chaos Breed – Entombed

Summons the king of fear
Forces of Agharthi arise & come forth
Behold by the summerian tears
At the Abbey of Darkness where Nan-zi dwells
Awaiting the stormy sea
Shreds of flesh chained to walls
To greet the Master of realms
I am the bringer of seed I will bring eternity
I am what this world needs I am chaos breed
Worships forsaken beyond
The World of Dankar
Manifest of the left hand path
Inquisitions, creations, torments, lost souls
The horrors of the Gropes of Wrath

(Lead: Alex Hellid, Ulf Cederlund)

The dawn of the Blackest sun of all skies
Mysteries of Khem revealed
Ancient arts of process of pain

Lyric Chaos Breed – Entombed