Alive Alone – Chemical Brothers

No way of knowing if I care or not No way of knowing if she’s right or if she’s wrong No way of knowing if I’ll carry on And I’m alive And I’m alone And I’ve never wanted to be either of those (X2) And she shines And she shines for me she shines for […]

Elektrobank – Chemical Brothers

Left over here, i’m gonna dance with their own shockin’ feel and i’m a foreign Man so irvine, i’ll bring it home…a one two….i’m gonna have another sound Check, and then we’re sending for the chemical brothers…y’all want the Chemical brothers?…aic aichemical brothers, they knew all about soul so i’m Gonna show them irvine….are irvine […]

Galvanize – Chemical Brothers

with the mission to move, so i make it harder. don’t hold back, if you think about it, so many people do, be cool man, look smarter. don’t hold back, and you shouldn’t even care, bout those losers in the air, and their crooked stares. don’t hold back, cause there’s a party over here, so […]