Child Of Vision – Supertramp

You say you’re havin’ fun,
But you’re busy going nowhere,
Just lying in the sun.
You tried to be a hero,
commit the perfect crime
but the dollar got you dancing
and you’re running out of time.

You’re messin’ up the water
You’re rolling in the wine
You’re poisoning your body
You’re poisoning your mind
You gave me coca-cola
You said it tasted good
You watch the television
It tell you that you should.

How can you live in this way?

You must have something to say.

There must be more to this life.
It’s time we did something right.
Child of Vision, won’t you listen?
Find yourself a new ambition.

I’ve heard it all before
You’re saying nothing new
I thought I saw a rainbow
But I guess it wasn’t true
You cannot make me listen
I cannot make you hear
You find your way to heaven,

Lyric Child Of Vision – Supertramp