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The Duhumanizing Process – Chimaira

Clear the way, the new king has arrived To take your place while I’ve got you on your knees I always had this vision of who I’d become A powerful giant who could rule with ease And who would Bring the truth I will bring the truth Your time is up – there’s no chance […]

This Present Darkness – Chimaira

I fall upon broken knees Crawl through weight depression haunted by and unborn ghost I’ll never know your fears Never see me in your eyes Curse the one that stole your name from Me this is the monster that they create from second of your conception Minutes leading to death sentence will shackle me and […]

Dead Inside – Chimaira

You left feeling so empty and needing Can’t see the glitter in you You called me all the time Hiding behind your lies materialistic Go away You don’t know what it’s like to be dead inside You called him a friend to help you get through it I see your true face now Well my […]

Power Trip – Chimaira

No time to waste This is the time for revenge Your claim to fame Of crushing dreams Your control has no hold on me I hate the way You have no shame You act like nothing’s happened It’s time to rise The final fight This is the last time I will not fail again I […]

Let Go – Chimaira

Slowly growing into this Feelings I just can’t let go I am such a bore that you need that much more Go back that way and see what you get from me then Nothing at all My dead hands rise Why am I this way? Face my past I can’t let go I see them […]

Eyes Of A Criminal – Chimaira

No more will I shun These thoughts I’ve had This lie I’ve lived I let them put the blame on me Engulfed in hate Retaliate You can’t conceal these thoughts You can’t disguise this rage You have Overstepped Your boundaries Now I’ve got I’ve got your back against the wall Forever trapped Staring through the […]

End It All – Chimaira

It’s all the same And I used to find comfort in all of this It’s an excuse to deviate from the norm Pathetic isn’t it After all these years, still not content Happiness has been long lost Suffering a drug with no cost How great it would be to end it all Another show another […]

Jade – Chimaira

Gave back all the lights and glitter Wrong track again and again is stings Wish you all could feel like this 12 is for the reason of regret 9 is for the pain that I’m caused Will strife ever cease? Someday… Fuck this mind that is made to hate Complete the task of humility Restrained […]

Options – Chimaira

I finally lost my craving Need this to end real soon You come then you go away No way I can make it through this Can you feel my heart fade away? Do you remember what it was like when you told me no? Feeling I can’t figure me out I’d try but I’m not […]