Performer CHIMAIRA

Pray For All – Chimaira

You were the world to me When I used to hate myself for trying Now relying on you for direction […]

Taste My… – Chimaira

I keep seeking Is there anything left to consume now? I wish I were happy living in your perfect world […]

Rizzo – Chimaira

Could not find anyone to go home with to show off your insecurity So you put your “I love you […]

Crawl – Chimaira

Shadows appear reminding me Of all things left unsaid by me Maybe one day you’ll believe That I will crawl […]

Left For Dead – Chimaira

Greed has caused you to become so cold You said you loved him, then you put him away “Till death […]

The Flame – Chimaira

After that terrible night Would she ever be the same A revelation of her own demise No one left but […]

Six – Chimaira

She has seen so many things it’s so unreal She has been almost everywhere and tasted everything She has been […]

Lumps – Chimaira

I am confused as to how I got here One minute I am heading down a path of destruction with […]

Nothing Remains – Chimaira

I pen this letter with the utmost conviction It’s been dark in here, cold and relentless It’s been too long, […]

Bloodlust – Chimaira

Your idea that Im real All of this is an illusion Even though you can feel My touch and my […]

Overlooked – Chimaira

What was the start of it all Hunting to find the answers Unavailing attempts to be me Hey Did we […]

Dead Inside – Chimaira

You left feeling so empty and needing Can’t see the glitter in you You called me all the time Hiding […]

Power Trip – Chimaira

No time to waste This is the time for revenge Your claim to fame Of crushing dreams Your control has […]

Let Go – Chimaira

Slowly growing into this Feelings I just can’t let go I am such a bore that you need that much […]

End It All – Chimaira

It’s all the same And I used to find comfort in all of this It’s an excuse to deviate from […]

Jade – Chimaira

Gave back all the lights and glitter Wrong track again and again is stings Wish you all could feel like […]

Options – Chimaira

I finally lost my craving Need this to end real soon You come then you go away No way I […]