Performer CHIMAIRA

Needle – Chimaira

No use in lying Another broken promise Another bond demolished Will I ever give a fuck About anyone or anything […]

Empire – Chimaira

Enough to sacrifice Do you believe in me Enough to end your life Do you believe in me Enough to […]

Split – Chimaira

No you’re not You’re out with urge to satisfy yourself it’s your vicious plot Looking back I realize that it’s […]

Sphere – Chimaira

I look above me and there you are I see your smiling face so pure, its gold Reaching your hand […]

Army Of Me – Chimaira

Understand I still have a lot to say To you A fortune nothing has left no time or place My […]

Divination – Chimaira

A troubled mind at 15 demonic visions I saw you rape dand beaten Who the hell is this monster that […]

Stigmurder – Chimaira

Feel the rush as you kill Looking into dead eyes Collecting their last thoughts Sometimes I feel no remorse Sometimes […]

Black Heart – Chimaira

Apathy and misery Loss of control Any of the above would describe me I hate being inhuman All I do […]

Silence – Chimaira

This misery you call your life I am the one who will carry you To an altar of joy Follow […]

Pray For All – Chimaira

You were the world to me When I used to hate myself for trying Now relying on you for direction […]

Taste My… – Chimaira

I keep seeking Is there anything left to consume now? I wish I were happy living in your perfect world […]

Rizzo – Chimaira

Could not find anyone to go home with to show off your insecurity So you put your “I love you […]

Crawl – Chimaira

Shadows appear reminding me Of all things left unsaid by me Maybe one day you’ll believe That I will crawl […]

Left For Dead – Chimaira

Greed has caused you to become so cold You said you loved him, then you put him away “Till death […]

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