Chosen To Stay – Agent Steel

Freed from your shadow
Approaching the lights,
Still burned your darkness
And so It’s time…
You can’t hide forever
You’ll run,
Until it’s too late…
You’ve chosen the moment
And you’re awaiting the pain,
So it’s clear..
You’ve chosen… You’ve chosen to stay…

Satisfied for tomorrow
Living blinded today.
Still burned by your hatred
And those who lead you astray
A prisoner of the circle
Bound by your chains of your claims,
Assuming all that surrounds you
Can relinquish the pain.

(chorus) YOU CAN’T WIN living within
YOU CANT HIDE what’s really inside
Ws your weakness, Your conscience it haunts you
You’ve Chosen To Stay…
Chosen To Stay…

You can’t go on earning
Unless you have paid,

You’re not who decides this
It’s not In Your hands

Lyric Chosen To Stay – Agent Steel