Graffiti – Chris Brown

My name is tagged, you already see that (see that) The media wanna paint it all black, and they do […]

Help Me – Chris Brown

I can’t, believe it I’m out (my), my mind (mind) I shouldn’t be but (oh) Women like you steal my […]

My Girl – Chris Brown

Check this out girl I know you sitting back saying to yourself “I know he ain’t trying to holla!” Naw […]

Yeah 3x – Chris Brown

Put your troubles aside, start livin’ Anybody can let go Throw away all your troubles, ’cause right now it’s party […]

Abc’s – Chris Brown

Ya’ll Wanna Learn Ya’ll ABCs… ABC Haha [x3] Ya’ll Gon Like This Right (here) There Are So Many Ways To […]

Run It! – Chris Brown

(Juelz Santana) Okay Check it, Check it, Check it out It’s Santana again Steppin, Steppin, Steppin out One of them […]

What I Do – Chris Brown

Chris Brown, this what we do, we do this [Chorus:] I be throwin’ up my cash, actin’ like money ain’t […]

Throwed – Chris Brown

(ha ha) I gotta go back to my roots the whole Go-Go thang… DC what’s up? (ha ha) Virginia you […]

Forever – Chris Brown

Hey Hey Oh… Hey Hey Oh… Its you and me moving At the speed of light into eternity yer, Tonight […]

I’ll Go – Chris Brown

There’s a star in the palm of my hand And I think it’s yours If you don’t want Then I’ll […]

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