Pass Out – Chris Brown

I was trying to cut her up I was sippin on Tryin to find the missing link You had a mission trying to vouge Then I came right through the smoke I was smoking hot Catch my fever lets burn up the floor I need to know, how to get into you Baby im liking […]

So Right It Ain’t Right – Chris Brown

Cause You Ain’t Right, No Girl You Ain’t Fair, No You Don’t Even Seem To Know How You Be Messin With Me, Hey What Am I S’pose To Do When All I Wanna Do Is Claim You What Am I S’pose To Do When You Be Lookin The Way You Do You Don’t Recognize There’s […]

Wrong Side Of The Tracks – Chris Brown

Only 15 Minutes ‘Til Ya Momma Comes Home From Work And I Know That She Wouldn’t Be Tickled Pink To Find Me Hurr (yeahhh) Cause Even Though We Was Just Chillin And A Little Flirtin She Don’t Even Want Me Anywhere Near Her Baby Girl (oh no) [Hook:] So I Think I Better Leave Grab […]

Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z)(Cinderella Remix) – Chris Brown

[Jay-Z:] Ahuh Ahuh (Yea Rihanna, Chris Brown) Ahuh Ahuh (Good girl gone bad) Ahuh Ahuh (Take three… Action) Ahuh Ahuh No clouds in my storms Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank Coming down with the Dow Jones When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella We fly higher than weather And G5’s are […]

Wait – Chris Brown

Yeah Lets go I’ll be swimming in women And I’d be diggin and living And ill be whippin the whips that cha havent seen now Well the quip is just whip it And make it pur like a kitten And imma have you addicted to me now And all the fast girls wanna get money […]

Superhuman (feat. Keri Hilson) – Chris Brown

[Chris:] Weak I have been crying and crying for weeks How’d I survivewhen I can barely speak Barely eat On my knees [Keri:] But that’s the moment you came to me I don’t know what your love has done to me Think I’m invincible you see Through the me I used to be [Chorus:] [Chris:] […]

For Ur Love – Chris Brown

I’ll wait for you Till you come home Here all alone I stay alone for your love For your love [x6] [Verse] Put my pimp cup down Nothing lost nothing found Its the things that you do That makes me love you Turn around and thump thump Thats what i want you to do even […]

First Day Of Spring – Chris Brown

Look What (What) I’ve Tumbled Upon The Woman That Sees Me (Me) For Me Not What I’ve Done You Give Me This (This) Bling Ba-ding [? ] I Give You My Time Girl You Make Me Feel Like Everything’s Alright You’re Sorta Like Hearing The Birds Churping In The Morning Light Or Maybe Even Recieving […]

Run It! (Remix) – Chris Brown

Run… Run Run Run Run [coolDupri] Clap your hands (RUN) Yall know what this is SO SO DEF [Bow Wow] [Rap] Now lil mama just break it down For the boy Bow Wow & that boy Chris Brown All I wanna do is see you take it to the ground, bring it up slow Twurk […]

I Seen The Light – Chris Brown

I Seen Da Love Seen All Da Things I Heard Bout Seen All Da Things I Read About I Seen Da Light [Rico Love:] Yo Uhh Diz Feel Real Good Right Here Mann Its A Good Look Shoulda Been Its Love Young Chris [Chris Brown:] Guch Wuddup [Rico Love:] From The Streets Of Va Talk […]

I Seen The Light – Chris Brown

I Seen Da Love Seen All Da Things I Heard Bout Seen All Da Things I Read About I Seen Da Light [Rico Love:] Yo Uhh Diz Feel Real Good Right Here Mann Its A Good Look Shoulda Been Its Love Young Chris [Chris Brown:] Guch Wuddup [Rico Love:] From The Streets Of Va Talk […]

Crawl – Chris Brown

Everybody see’s it’s you I’m the one that lost the view Everybody says we’re through I hope you haven’t said it too So where Do we go from here With all this fear in our eyes And where Can love take us now We’ve been so far down We can still touch the sky [Chorus] […]

Hold Up (feat. Big Boi) – Chris Brown

[Intro:] this sounds like an elevator music Chris Brown Big Boi Yeah [Big Boi Rap] Hook, line, and sinker I knew she was mine the day I seen her Got a big mouth bass On the line It’s time for me to retrieve her And go get her like a wide receiver But we don’t […]

Go Away – Chris Brown

Baby close your eyes and just Take my hand and put your trust In my heart I’ll show you things you never seen before Girl the world is full of hearts But they never been this far And galaxies calling on you and me Just for one night girl, that’s right [Bridge:] Hold on tight, […]

You – Chris Brown

[Background Ad-libs] [Verse 1:] Now every girl I’ve been with (been with) after you Baby it just ain’t the same (no-no, no-no, no-no) Recently I had a girl and her name was Nikki But she left me cause I called your name (no-no no-no) I been on that rebound tip I can’t believe that you […]

Down (feat. Kanye West) – Chris Brown

[Chorus:] I wanna get down, down, down, down Down, down, down Get down We can get down [Kanye West] Uh… Mr. West is in the building Children, ladies Call the shrink up, they about to go crazy Hold your drinks up, like you was celebrating Hold your guns, if they is hella hating I’m so […]

All Back – Chris Brown

I capture that moment You would be right here next to me If I had the secret, The secret to your love I would pledge the treasure beneath my heart Lock it all up, Throw away the key I would never give it all Cause I was just a fool, A fool for you When […]

Look At Me Now (feat. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes) – Chris Brown

I don’t see how you can hate from outside of the club You can’t even get in Hahaha, let’s go! [Verse 1 ‒ Chris Brown] Yellow model chick Yellow bottle sipping Yellow Lamborghini Yellow top missing Yeah, yeah That shit look like a toupee I get what you get in 10 years, in two days […]

Thank You – Chris Brown

Man. Y’all don’t know what y’all do for me. See – without y’all – none of this would matter. I mean none of this. So, I say thank you. Listen. Verse 1: Out the gate I got to start it off right. Daddy told me “You ain’t gotta beat around the bush.” (For sure) Deep […]

Say Goodbye – Chris Brown

I got a lot to say so I guess I’ll start by Saying that I love you, But you know, this thing ain’t been No walk in the park for us I swear it’ll only take a minute You’ll understand when I finish, yeah And I don’t wanna see you cry But I don’t wanna […]

Take My Time – Chris Brown

I just wanna (Take my time) As stingy as you are, Think you’re ready? Girl I wanna, (Do you right) I just wanna give you what you need, Baby girl, (Take my time), Oh Oh Just do me, (Do you right) [Verse 1] Girl when you step off, Wet from out the shower baby, I […]

Gimme That – Chris Brown

Storch (oh) S. Dot (Yea) [Ad Lib:] Ooh Ohh. [Spoken:] The dynamic duo. [Spoken:] Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo…..its what your body sayin. Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo….. Chris Brown is in the building. [Verse 1:] The young boy just turned 16 and I got 64’s and […]

Up To You – Chris Brown

What the hell babe, Damn I ain’t never felt this way Somebody, somebody, tell me I don’t have a clue what to do When it comes to you Baby, you’re so beautiful Every time I see you girl, it throw me off It’s so unusual For me to be waiting But I don’t want to […]

She Loves Me – Chris Brown

yo shay were u benn gurl i bennin callin you so who bout i ride threw there and get yo my lady Verse:1 i be on the road alot but it doesnt change the way i fill bout you gurl i try yo be there for you all time but i gotta keep my head […]

Keep It Movin – Chris Brown

She look up from the book she was readin With the prettiest smile that I ever saw Curly hair down back And the skin like cinnamon brown without a flaw And then those eyes Made my heart stop in my chest And she said “Hi” And it was hard to catch my breath I said […]

Winner – Chris Brown

YO it is an honor to introduce the future of R&B His name is Chris Brown and uh you know what this is Yup another B Coxx Joint {VERSE 1} Round One, I hear a ding, I walk up and shake your hand Girl I got to know what’s up Baby what’s your name? Can […]

Yo (Excuse Me Miss) – Chris Brown

Do do do do do Yeah Yeah [Verse 1:] Yo, Tell me fellas have you seen her? (Seen her) It was about five minutes ago When i seen the hottest chick That a young’n Never seen before I say Yo, Tell her girls I want to meet her (meet her) On second thought that ain’t […]

No Bullshit – Chris Brown

3 in the mornin, you know I’m horny So why don’t you come over my place, and put a smile on my face Leavin the club, shawty hurry up So we can get this party started, and take off our clothes now You already know what time it is, reach up in that dresser where […]

Movie – Chris Brown

Girl lemme get this tripod make sure that the angles right Don’t know if you know yo lines so this might just take all night Baby get up on the bed I’ll do all the things you like Everything that I wanna do to you Girl your wardrobe is the same suit that you wore […]

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