Up To You – Chris Brown

What the hell babe, Damn I ain’t never felt this way Somebody, somebody, tell me I don’t have a clue what to do When it comes to you Baby, you’re so beautiful Every time I see you girl, it throw me off It’s so unusual For me to be waiting But I don’t want to […]

She Loves Me – Chris Brown

yo shay were u benn gurl i bennin callin you so who bout i ride threw there and get yo my lady Verse:1 i be on the road alot but it doesnt change the way i fill bout you gurl i try yo be there for you all time but i gotta keep my head […]

Keep It Movin – Chris Brown

She look up from the book she was readin With the prettiest smile that I ever saw Curly hair down back And the skin like cinnamon brown without a flaw And then those eyes Made my heart stop in my chest And she said “Hi” And it was hard to catch my breath I said […]

Winner – Chris Brown

YO it is an honor to introduce the future of R&B His name is Chris Brown and uh you know what this is Yup another B Coxx Joint {VERSE 1} Round One, I hear a ding, I walk up and shake your hand Girl I got to know what’s up Baby what’s your name? Can […]

Yo (Excuse Me Miss) – Chris Brown

Do do do do do Yeah Yeah [Verse 1:] Yo, Tell me fellas have you seen her? (Seen her) It was about five minutes ago When i seen the hottest chick That a young’n Never seen before I say Yo, Tell her girls I want to meet her (meet her) On second thought that ain’t […]

No Bullshit – Chris Brown

3 in the mornin, you know I’m horny So why don’t you come over my place, and put a smile on my face Leavin the club, shawty hurry up So we can get this party started, and take off our clothes now You already know what time it is, reach up in that dresser where […]

Movie – Chris Brown

Girl lemme get this tripod make sure that the angles right Don’t know if you know yo lines so this might just take all night Baby get up on the bed I’ll do all the things you like Everything that I wanna do to you Girl your wardrobe is the same suit that you wore […]

Ain’t No Way (You Won’t Love Me) – Chris Brown

Ay, can I talk to you for a minute? You new around here? [Pre-chorus:] Girl ain’t no way, I won’t let you down. If you let me (just sayin)I will show you how, (I like what I see). [Chorus:] Ain’t no way (ain’t no way), I’m gone let you down (let you down). I know […]

Wall To Wall – Chris Brown

I’m going to need you all to back away from the door We are trying to make way for Chris Brown Ladies You are not listening I’m going to need you all to back away from the door We are trying to make way for Chris Brown I’m Back (Pull up, pull up) can’t believe […]

Chase Our Love – Chris Brown

Believe it, I know That you won’t And yes There’s a feeling, We Both Need to know Let us start now It’s that time So lets travel and see the light (And I’m) Gonna take you out Anywhere you wanna go now (If you ride) To the town Where we both can party now Drink […]

Nice (feat. The Game) – Chris Brown

[Chris Brown:] The Meanest The Meaner The Second I seen her got me open Got Me looking Losing all my Control The Passion I’m feinin Baby You’re The new Meaning But I Found Myself Tripping When You Walked Through The Door and I no It’s not like me getting beside Myself She’s Got Me Filling […]

Nothing But Love For You – Chris Brown

Young Chris (Laugh) Uh Huh Yo Yo Yo drop the beat right about… .. Yea right there, right there Uh huh Oooo… Yeah Come on Check It Why You calling me a playa Why you call me little shorty mack Should be calling me your romeo ’cause I’m looking for my Juliette You say I […]

Diagnosed With Love – Chris Brown

It’s A Quarter To Three I’m Tossin In My Bed Cause I Jus Can’t Sleep Cause You’re Not Here With Me I’m Reachin Out For You I Wish I Could Talk To You Tryna Figure Out What’s Goin On With Me I’m Use To Havin All The Answers For Everything Oh Girl I Think She […]

Next 2 You (feat. Justin Bieber) – Chris Brown

You’ve got that smile, That only heaven can make. I pray to God everyday, That you keep that smile. [Justin Bieber] Yeah, you are my dream, There’s not a thing I won’t do. I’ll give my life up for you, Cos you are my dream. [Bridge] And baby, everything that I have is yours, You […]

I. Y. A. – Chris Brown

From the first time that I ever saw you, The emotions running deep underneath my skin, Sign anywhere for your love, where do we begin. So lay me down Tell me what I wanna hear Take me down There’s nobody else I’d rather be with. I wanna wake up in your arms, I wanna wake […]

I Need This – Chris Brown

Shock, I can’t cry Pop, I need some space No, this isn’t me Oh, please let me breathe I’ll be back sooner than you know I need this space just like you need it I need this time, time to clear up my mind Wait, did you hear that? Shh… Hear my heart beat? Shh… […]

Gotta Be Ur Man – Chris Brown

I gotta be ur maaaaan, man. I gotta be ur man [x2], I gotta be ur maaaaan.. [Verse 1:] Gotta be ur man, one, cuz you look so good. Two, cuz you look so good. Three, cuz you look so good. Next, gotta be ur man cuz I know you a boss chick. I know […]

Nothin – Chris Brown

Starin’ down at the phone, damn What did I do that was so wrong And girl I never thought that you would move on Can’t believe you’re gone It’s killing me my heart ain’t your home [Bridge:] (And Now) Thought I was the one but you done left me out (And Now) And Now [Chorus:] […]

Young Love – Chris Brown

Young Love Lyrics [Intro:] Young love, love, love… (oh) A teenage love. Young love, love, love… (uh huh, yeah) A teenage love. Young love, young love everything I need I got my young love. A teenage love. Young love, love love. (Young Love, girl) A teenage love [Verse 1:] Tell me what’s the definition of […]

Beautiful People (with Benny Benassi) – Chris Brown

Everywhere I go Everywhere that I’ve been The only thing I see is Is beautiful people Beautiful people Beautiful people Beautiful people Don’t you know don’t you know You’re beautiful don’t you know Don’t you know don’t you know Beautiful don’t you know know know Live your life live your life Let the love inside […]

Should’ve Kissed You – Chris Brown

It seems like every time you give me signs, And I miss it! I did it again, I admit it, I left you standing there, And now I regret it, Seems like every time, I get the chance, I lose my cool, and I blow it, And I get all tongue tied, Lost in your […]

Say It With Me – Chris Brown

Aye baby I don’t like the way you got me feelin lately, oh They say baby I’m feelin like you found someone to replace me Do you remember you used to say that you would never walk away Cause I remember the time and a place Like it was just yesterday Baby had me (gone […]