Maria – Chris Cagle

Tryin’ to catch my breath the morning after Pour my coffee With Shakin’ hands and my world in disarray Lost in the softness and strength that’s in her hands I see her face and I can barely stand But oh, the sweet redemption every time she mentions That she wants me, oh, that she needs […]

I Was Made for You – Chris Cagle

i wanna walk with you a while, and tell you whats been on my mind i know this life can get crazy sometimes and we forget about the most importantthings i know i’ve been guilty of gettin’ caught up in the rush of today and the worries of tomorrow but that ain’t the point of […]

What Kinda Gone – Chris Cagle

Was it just the wind or was she mad again Ah hell she’s gettin’ in her car I hollered baby is there somethin’ wrong Thought I heard her say somethin’ sounded like I’m gone But these days gone can mean so many things Well there’s gone for good and there’s good and gone Then there’s […]

Change Me – Chris Cagle

I’m a rock of solid stone And this place I’m in is not my home I feel the wind rushing by It see’s the world why can’t I? I’m so good at standing still If you don’t have me nothin’ will [Chorus] Change me tonight Don’t be afraid If you have to break me Change […]

You Might Want to Think About It – Chris Cagle

Before you tell me the way I should raise my kids Before you try to tell me what to say You might wanna think about it, yeah Before you turn my family farm into a strip-mall Before you move another factory overseas Before you go givin’ my job away You might wanna think about it, […]

It’s Good To Be Back – Chris Cagle

Stompin’ around in my old stompin’ ground Too much time away, I’m back to stay But I ain’t settlin’ down Tonight we’ll burn it down Let’s tear the roof off of this place Tell everyone you know They’ll see a lot more of my face It’s good to be here Long time no see dear […]

When I Get There – Chris Cagle

Baby, you can have the house Yeah, you and your lawyer and your new boyfriend Can all sort it out What’s left of my pride and these two wheels are all I need To take me away from somewhere I don’t wanna be Baby I’m gone When you read these words, I’ll be a blue […]