Let Me Down Easy – Chris Isaak

Don’t say anything At first you smile, then turn away I’ve been thinking of what I should say All last night I stayed up dreaming, I’m still dreaming I look at you, I’m just a guy I know my place but still I’ll try You must be tired of people asking, But I’m still asking […]

San Francisco Days – Chris Isaak

I still need you, don’t hang up and say goodbye. Walking on the beach last night, hoping things would be all right, my baby lying on her bed, it’s you I saw instead. Thinking of the one I love, your the one I’m thinking of. San Francisco days, San Francisco nights. I meet a girl […]

Kings Of The Highway – Chris Isaak

The one that I loved, wouldn’t stay by my side. If love could of lasted forever I’d be with her today. If love could of lasted forever I’d still hear her say darling, Kings of the highway, we will be. The faster you drive, the less you can feel. The lights on the road, are […]

Speak Of The Devil – Chris Isaak

The devil appears. Waiting for some one. Been waiting for years. And it’s alright now. Yeah I’m alright now. Watching her walking. Like watching a flame. Trying to forget her. Don’t mention her name. And I’m alright now. Yeah I’m alright now. Lonely days without her. Nights that would not end. As long as I […]