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C. R. U. S. H – Ciara

You know, it’s been a while since I felt like this The last time was high school But this feeling I think he’s so cute I want to tell him so bad-but I can’t C. R. U. S. H. Yeah I got one really bad This is how he makes me feel He puts the […]

Can’t Leave Him Alone – Ciara

Im focused man You should know this man [50 Cent] Yes one dose of me will have you addicted To know me is to love me i handle mah business Any City any town, touch down i do my thing ima hustler baby i provide by any means Ima great conversationist, you should know what […]

The Title – Ciara

Uh, I want the title Uh, I need the title Shoo do do do Shoo do do do Shoo do do do Shoo do do do Ooh Shoo do do do Shoo do do do Shoo do do do [Verse 1] I like your style The way you dress The way you smell Its so […]

Goodies Album Version (Ft Petey Pablo (With Rap) – Ciara

My Goodies, My Goodies, My Goodies Not my goodies! Verse 1: Petey Pablo I got a sick reputation for handlin broads All I need is me a few seconds or more. And in my rap Tell valet to bring my ‘Lac And I ain’t comin back So you can put a car right there. I’m […]

Get Up – Ciara

Ladies and gentlemen! Ciara [Verse 1] He said ‘Hi, my name is so and so Baby can you tell me yours? You look like you came to do One thing (Set it off)’ I started on the left And I had to take him to the right He was out of breath But he kept […]

I Found Myself – Ciara

Farewell Hello, to the new me The Better Me Thats’s Right My Life… Verse 1: 21, and I’ve realized, Everything you want’s not meant to be. 21 then you qualify, To stand up to reponsibilities. So I tried to prioritize By deciding what I know is best for me. And Then there’s always, love that […]