If You Don’t Like It – Cinderella

To tell me how to run my life Got along alright so far I don’t really think I need to hear youre advice I got my mind made up know what I wanna do, I’ll do it anyway I choose So just sit back shut up for a minute let me show you what I’m […]

Fallin’ Apart At The Seams – Cinderella

Old man looks much younger now He lost his strength respect somehow Look in the mirror at what I found It’s just the past and it’s over now ooo it’s over now ooo it’s over now My heart’s like a wheel and my head’s just a stone I got my memories Ain’t got no home […]

Fire And Ice – Cinderella

When I want ya baby Inside can’t ya hide Cause it’s scratchin’ right through Come on An take it easy, nowhere to go She’ll take ya fast and she’ll take ya slow Like Fire and Ice She’ll take your heart away Fire and Ice She’ll take your breath away And when ya shake for me, […]