The Girl – City And Colour

Cos that’s what you deserve. You sacrifice so much of your life, In order for this to work. While I’m off chasing my own dreams, Sailing around the world, Please know that I’m yours to keep, My beautiful girl. And when you cry a piece of my heart dies, Knowing that I may have been […]

What Makes A Man? – City And Colour

It’s a lonesome and distant cry I can hear my train comin’ Now I’m runnin’ for my life What makes a man walk away from his mind? I think I know I think I might know I can feel the wind blowin’ It’s sending shivers down my spine I can feel the wind blowin’ It […]

Against The Grain – City And Colour

You need not, to cross the sea You need not, to find a cure for everything that makes you weak. You need not to reach for the stars, when life becomes so dark and when the wind does blow against the grain you must follow your heart you must follow your heart when all your […]

The Death Of Me – City And Colour

Do I need whiskey to start fueling my complaints People love to drink their troubles away sometimes I feel that I’d be better off that way ‘Cause maybe then I could sleep at night I wouldn’t lie awake until the morning light This is something that I’ll never control My nerves will be the death […]

Confessions – City And Colour

Trying to find a way to write my confession down. Seems every line I writes amiss, At least this I’ll admit. I never hear that perfect sound. But then the judge walks and says: “Boy you cant pretend, You’ve got to be honest now.” My verdict has come in, It says I’m guilty for my […]