Cold Sun (Epidemic Reign Part 4) – Edge Of Sanity

gelam yet unseen. Birds no longer fly.
It’s not a dream this blinding beam.
(03: 42) – Panic, someone realized. Every-
thing is iced the manic depression of the
centuries – The world is soon devastated
With ease. (03: 43) – The temperature decrea-
ses. Watch the frozen sean, as my pulse go
down. The king has lost its crown. (03: 44) –
Cold sun, will never shine (*) (03: 45) – Free-
zing clouds, ready to fall. Killing us all.
Time after time I hear prophets that yell,
We’ve got life for sale. Children (now)
mentally deformed. Remember the sun
and how it warmed. A natural system is
wasted. Earth saw no grace, dead. (03: 47) –
Everything is captured in capsules of ice.
Still I wonder will they all awake in para-
dise? Eyes of ice cannot see frozen souls
unable too flee. (03: 48) – The maze of my exi-
stence, there’s no resistance. Finally I
leave this shell, rotting soul, I can feel
the smell…. Of hell. Terminal end. My

Lyric Cold Sun (Epidemic Reign Part 4) – Edge Of Sanity