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No One – Cold

No one was sent to get me And I feel like I’m being erased No one got left here I’m all alone No one was sent to get me I’m all alone No one got left here But I’m fine No one got left here Well I’m fine If it’s fine then stay I can’t […]

Sad Happy – Cold

and forced to blame it on herself that she hides away to tame the pain she feels she was fallen to a scene a drunken man a violent will and the God that makes mistakes and still pretends [Chorus] and I’ll be strong and I will say and I will take your pain away and […]

A Different Kind Of Pain – Cold

Give me just one more night to show you Just how i feel I lost all my control If it takes my whole damnned life i’ll Make this up to you Im kinda like the waves that roll their whole life Towards somewhere crashing it on the shore Thats blown in by the wind that […]

Anti-love Song – Cold

But I won’t be there on Sunday Everyone came again Everyone loved her No one got used to this These motherfuckers raped me Everyone came again Everone fucked you It’s not over but it’s over now I heard the news today These stuck-up suckers raped me Everyone came again Everyone loved her I won’t get […]

Feel It In Your Heart – Cold

Everything falls apart in a tragedy I am so far away from gone I just wanna be here Everyone forms apart in my symphony Can you feel this in your heart Can you take it to your soul I dont want you to pretend I dont wanna be alone Feels like im torn apart And […]

The Switch – Cold

Everything is so abused, the little things she puts me through I can’t stand to be insane, you little fuck you’re so arranged All the pain is nearly dead, that’s in my thoughts, and in your bed I can’t change well guess who, came to kill the love here Every time you fuck guess who, […]

Another Pill – Cold

Your mystery hides all your feelings Your on your way to medicate Noone to hold noone to sing Take another pill for love, let it open Up your mind to Be free again Think of everyone youve lost, let them Open up your heart to Complete yourself Your all alone with broken wings Your life […]

Black Sunday – Cold

It hurts to think that a sound could heal my wounds feeling I’ve been betrayed Black Sunday still burns you in my thoughts I can’t sleep at all Now you’re gone away I can’t fake this anymore Guess I could blame it all on God’s game or explain what my life’s for [Chorus] Caught in […]

Whatever You Became – Cold

Blame it on my fame Always away from you Sold my life for a song Whatever you killed The blood got on my face See it took over you and your minds nearly gone [Chorus] and I can’t change my ways Sorry it’s my fault I wasn’t there to see Whatever you became Whatever you […]

Ugly – Cold

Born in this old skin, I’m too sick I can’t win, I’ve lived with this damage too long My eyes can’t behold it, I cannot control this, this feeling that’s left in my heart I’ve never done no wrong, I don’t deserve these bones, please burn up this sin when I’m gone And I said […]

Happens All The Time – Cold

In a world of faded memories Where you’re still in love with me I can see it in your eyes A look as if your major tom has lost control I must hold on this happens all the time I still find my faith in you I can’t hold on this happens all the time […]

Suffocate – Cold

Throw it in her face but would she even care I still remember when she looked at me that frown upon her face Trying to be sincere I gathered all those little things she said Kept them close to me Trying to make this real This cloud will always hover over me I’m leaving you […]

Outerspace – Cold

To let them know who’s side your on Everythings fine No one got raped here We had the time Set up to leave to go back home Back to our lives I’ll never let go I wanna go up to outerspace No one, but me and you So far away We may become forgotten Take […]

Send In The Clowns – Cold

Cause I could see it in their eyes They made the world a fucking disgrace Made everything burn cold They kept on coming down to this place Cause I could see it in their eyes We took the world to heal the disgrace Now everything burn fine I’m talking about the ever changing Winds of […]

Confession – Cold

Everyone fell Into her world she made here Where everybody rates love But I don’t care Cause it’s her world, she made me You think your half as good as me The only thing you’ll ever be Is just a way for me to bleed On this stage Everybody loves stars Everyone fell Into her […]

Cure My Tragedy – Cold

You were lost and I would save you I don’t think those feeling will ever fade You born a part of me Won’t you cure my tragedy Won’t you cure my tragedy Don’t take her smile away from me She’s broken and I’m far away Won’t you cure my tragedy Won’t you cure my tragedy […]

Makes Her Sick – Cold

Everyone gets blown away, and everyone is gone I can see the only tie, links you back to where you came No one showed you any hope, and everyone loves Well it makes her sick, it makes her throw up How the needle loves to sing, scream your name and take you home Found yourself […]

End Of The World – Cold

Everyone else got sick And watched the clock tickin’ slowly Everyone knew the ending Opened a bag of tricks And stumbled over their own They blew minds away Sort of the cripplin just like thunder And it’s gone today I’m so happy that it’s on It’s the end of the world Well it’s far away […]

Remedy – Cold

but please don’t leave me here alone I don’t feel how you feel But it’s my fault I’m bones I don’t die how you died I can’t just waste away You keep changing your mind Everyday [Chorus] If it burns I’ll be doing the same dream If you fall I’ll remember the same thing I […]

Serial Killer – Cold

I can see your madness rip your brain I can see the bodies on the wall All the nightmare dreams I can’t recall come I can see the future boiling up around, I’m so afraid Someone told you make her half a girl, she used to be alive I can feel the fire, crawling on […]

Rain Song – Cold

Let me stand here all night Did she take her whole life Let me know she’s alright [Chorus] And every time it rains I feel her holding me And everytime it rains Are the angels crying I’ll stay strong, I’ll be fine Carry on with my life I still stare at the sky Pray for […]

Ocean – Cold

I would save it all for you Make an ocean to sail away and begin again They said i could never change That i cant belong to you Than i watched you sip away in the oceans arms I’ll never get you back. Its like fallin down a wave, Fallin down a wave If a […]

Bleed – Cold

I take it inside Burn up the pain My thoughts are strange Just like the things I used to love Just like the tree that fell I heard it If art is still inside I feel it I wanna bleed Show the world all that I have inside I wanna scream Let the blood flow […]