Performer COLD

Strip Her Down – Cold

Everybody played a game, how come you won’t tell me the rules? I’m tired of trying on a new skin, […]

Stupid Girl – Cold

Wanna bug ya Wanna squeeze ya Stupid girl Wanna touch ya, Wanna take ya, Wanna shut ya, Stupid girl. I […]

Tell Me Why – Cold

Like a movie star to old to change her life With a bottle by her head Every night she went […]

Insane – Cold

Every little pill that helps you think, makes my mind a social fault I can take a million fucking freaks, […]

Go Away – Cold

As the music seeps into you everyone was trampled dead Everyone could see your madness slip in till it takes […]

Back Home – Cold

They look up to see her face All the glitter falls on her And the rooms her stage Dont you […]

Give – Cold

I can’t control you and your look, you silly freak you super fuck I can’t believe whose side you’re on […]

It’s All Good – Cold

Let all the love inside the world belong to you Well, I can’t understand just why you went away Too […]

Everyone Dies – Cold

Every little thing was on the floor, everyone was so in love with you Everyone dies my friend They come […]

Don’t Belong – Cold

Cure for your heartbreak to take away the pain I could describe each mistake for you Tattoo it on my […]

Superstar – Cold

Easter Bunny’s not a rabbit, tricks are made for kids until, pseudo-psycho man tells you to fly Everyone just ran […]

God’s Song – Cold

That noone ever cared about The way i ease my sufferin Is killin me again I would not prescribe this […]

Just Got Wicked – Cold

Young and sweet like mother made you Everything frozen in ice These motherfuckers just got wicked Well I can’t explain […]

Wasted Years – Cold

makes you think you’re everything they ever said you were Like to take some time Clear away everything I’ve planned […]

Witch – Cold

She’s flown away Everyone said she’s not Your kinda girl I’m so alone, this girl Is flowing fear Everyone said […]

Sick Of Man – Cold

To God that day No one got raped here But the pains still inside I’ll never love you But I’ve […]

Same Drug – Cold

From your tower for me I’ll let you take it real slow While I try to decide Never would’ve loved […]

No One – Cold

No one was sent to get me And I feel like I’m being erased No one got left here I’m […]

Sad Happy – Cold

and forced to blame it on herself that she hides away to tame the pain she feels she was fallen […]

Anti-love Song – Cold

But I won’t be there on Sunday Everyone came again Everyone loved her No one got used to this These […]

The Switch – Cold

Everything is so abused, the little things she puts me through I can’t stand to be insane, you little fuck […]

Another Pill – Cold

Your mystery hides all your feelings Your on your way to medicate Noone to hold noone to sing Take another […]

Black Sunday – Cold

It hurts to think that a sound could heal my wounds feeling I’ve been betrayed Black Sunday still burns you […]

Ugly – Cold

Born in this old skin, I’m too sick I can’t win, I’ve lived with this damage too long My eyes […]

Suffocate – Cold

Throw it in her face but would she even care I still remember when she looked at me that frown […]

Outerspace – Cold

To let them know who’s side your on Everythings fine No one got raped here We had the time Set […]

Send In The Clowns – Cold

Cause I could see it in their eyes They made the world a fucking disgrace Made everything burn cold They […]

Confession – Cold

Everyone fell Into her world she made here Where everybody rates love But I don’t care Cause it’s her world, […]

Cure My Tragedy – Cold

You were lost and I would save you I don’t think those feeling will ever fade You born a part […]

Makes Her Sick – Cold

Everyone gets blown away, and everyone is gone I can see the only tie, links you back to where you […]

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