Collapse – Aion

Covered the sun and the night fell.
The Lord of hideous monsters got the mortal,
Grips with the king of light.
Two minds and two bodies clashed with
Each other: Hell and heaven.

Rule, power, axe – it was the picture of my king.

He gave us faith in life,
They showed us how to fight with evil.
Now he’s gone.
I’m anxious about my life.
I’m anxious about our future.

That’s the end. Collapse. Ruin all around.
I’m dazzied by the blaze of fire.
I see the exhaustion of my king slaying,
The lord of shadows. They die together.
Their bodies get smashed against the rocks.
Bloody mortal remains of my kings are crying for vengeance.
There’s nobody to take revenge.

Lyric Collapse – Aion