Performer COMA

Masturbation – Coma

I don’t need them All I need is my Masturbation No frustrations Masturbation No obligations When I met you I […]

Philosophical – Coma

Live to die Ain’t there more in life Rot in hell Burn to death Just like a fuckin’ suicide Be […]

Transparent Love – Coma

Tight pants, high heels, waiting for her cue You pick her up and ask how much she wants from you […]

Revalidate Me – Coma

Bleeding, screaming, can’t go on any further A dying bloodpool of hate Used to be a Judas, guided by fate […]

Clash With Society – Coma

Forbidden by society The search for perfection Try to use your positive energy Things you had to put up with […]

Kill To Live – Coma

I’m following a man The man who’ll forfill my needs Cos he’s gonna die tonight I kill to live I […]

Estuary – Coma

Why did I had to tear down The walls we created Please, goddamn tell me why A matter of life […]

Bitch Alert – Coma

But that was just a mistake When I noticed it It was already too late I thought I liked you […]