Come With Me – Cryhavoc

I wait you in a shade of tree
I prey upon every night
You’re my victim
the children of light

Night is my kingdom and
You’re my queen
I’ll get you and I’ll
carry you in my realm

I’ve seen those visions,
visions in a mist
I’ve seen you and
those scars in your wrists

So don’t be afraid
I’m here by your side
I won’t throw you
to the wolves (won’t I?)
Your look is full of fear
don’t let the seed of doubt grow
come and walk next to me
in the darkness so hollow

Come with me and
I bring you moon
from the sky
and you gonna be mine
Walk with me into darkness,
dance with me under these stars
you and I gonna win these wars

You the children of light
Me the spawn of night
Your virtue
Aah my carnal
When we, you and me
Unite You and me

When my bad seed
is growing in you
I can control you as I want
Our covenant is built to last
our covenant is written in the stars

Come with me and
I’ll bring you moon

Lyric Come With Me – Cryhavoc