Performer COMECON

Democrator – Comecon

And how come he let in the market-conquistadors? Why is he acting as if he has something to hide? The […]

Teuton Tandrums – Comecon

freedom and peace brought on peaople’s request but the halo is solied and the cabbage’s gone sour teuton tantrums and […]

Soft, Creamy Lather – Comecon

stole my nightmares to distribute for charity Discouraged option to request amends severe reprisal from gore-tex® and friends Advertised compassion […]

Ulcer – Comecon

like autum leaves like tears over dresden fire storm in my heart no fears now the western culture sees its […]

The Whole World – Comecon

One God becomes a million and then they all become fraud Kneel down to be righteous, kneel down for the […]

Aerie – Comecon

Hail champions of conversion Sail mountain ridge and ocean Fall pounce on every portion Rule demon over supplier More ravenous […]

The Mule – Comecon

look my way the spastic freedom that we all crave a voice speaks of blind date with another state of […]

Frogs – Comecon

Look at the toiling little man, and then he’s destroyed for no reason at all The meek shall inherit the […]

Imploder – Comecon

the moustached whipper I dream of a heavenly vessel, where god would be the skipper But I’m scared for it […]

Conductor Of Ashes – Comecon

the structure of fear mythic malignance the realm of screams the sacrifice is formalized by demand of his dreams we […]

Icons Of Urine – Comecon

FULL SPEED AHEAD FULL SPEED AHEAD BEAT OFF THE HEAD Of misguided humanism Obstructing nillicism Nivellating loserism Limp crypto-socialism And […]

It Wears Me Down – Comecon

Woods swallowing men with cold, dark, beasts and deep blue skies Quaking earth, winds that wipe creations of man away […]

The Dog Days – Comecon

all gods of iron must suffer corrosion there is but one truth so no pairs can thrive fear of damnation […]

The Family Album – Comecon

Turtles and doves filling the skies Lawful offense lustrally spurts Never repent the harvest that hurts Aging – without time […]

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