Performer COMMON

Southside – Common

La, la, la, la, la – and e’rybody say La, la, la, la, la – I know you, I know […]

I Am Music – Common

[Chorus: Jill Scott] Can you speak your words of bedtime I was just saying to myself the other day Most […]

U, Black Maybe – Common

[Hook] Can’t come around They gon’ wanna bring you down No one knows just what’s inside Doing dope and doing […]

New Wave – Common

Yeah! The war zone. Who you fighting for? [Verse 1: Common] It’s funk to rhythm and punk to rock loud […]

Heat – Common

Yeah, one two.. Yeah, where my nigga Jay Dee? Where ya at? (Yeah!) (Oooh, you say you got guns, then […]

Stolen Moments Pt. I – Common

Down da-down-da-down-down-down, what(x3) Down-da-down, check it, check it There was a Hardy boy mystery I was tryin to solve Can’t […]

Dooinit – Common

Mo’fucker move back, I pursue rap at the pace of a New Jack Miscellaneous numbers and shoes stack grooves Rap […]

Soul Power – Common

Yeah, for the world! Keep going so you can(yo you can rock on) We keep going so you can (yo […]

Resurrection – Common

I stagger in the gathering possessed by a patter-in That be scatterin Over the globe will my vocals be travellin […]

Faithful – Common

(We got to be) Faithful to the end (I want to be) Faithful to the end I’m like her Very […]

Blue Sky – Common

Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us [x4] (Listen) Why you had to hide away for [x4] [Verse 1:] Aston Martin […]

Charms Alarm – Common

What we have here is a very, serious delicate situation Lots of people out here always ridin the dick, hmmph […]

Maintaining – Common

Gotta watch out for them critters I get the party live, Common Sense will get the party live huh (x4) […]

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