Performer COMMON

Real People – Common

Yeah, yeah, you know how me and ‘Ye do [Verse 1] Real People walk in the streets, the streets is […]

The Light – Common

Doo-doo-doo, mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm.. Doo-doo-d-doo, diggy-doo YO.. I never knew a luh, luh-luh, a love like this Gotta be somethin for me […]

Start The Show – Common

[Chorus: Kanye West] Now let’s start the show show Step out of the cold cold We come from the ‘Go, […]

Funky For You – Common

Alright…..Okay [4X’] Alright……We’ll make it funky for you now [Common] I’m a child of the ahh – The 87 ahh […]

The Questions – Common

[Common] It’s the questions (what..) it’s the questions boy It’s the questions (What?) it’s the questions c’mon The questions (WHAT?) […]

Chi City – Common

[Common sample] And you say Chi city We don’t stop naw we don’t quit [Repeat 4X] [Common] I rap with […]

Thelonious – Common

Uhh, yeah, yeah, play at your own risk Act like you know bitch I’m on some grown shit Ha, yeah, […]

Gold – Common

So we made it to this [?] down the road And we picked up lots of chicks and pots of […]

Heaven Somewhere – Common

phone rang, screen said caller ID said blocked, but for some reason i decided to answer it. on the other […]

I Want You – Common

Now it’s long, long gone Cause the pain, pain now as a storm I would make, growing old Cause I […]

They Say… – Common

[Chorus: John Legend] They say “What’s happenin’?” We say the facts and if, they lie… We comin’ back for them […]

Go! – Common

[Chorus] (Go) go, go, go, go, go and on the count of three (Go) go, go, go, go, go and […]

Celebrate – Common

Everybody home, ain’t nobody gone And I got all my niggas around It feel good, don’t it? Getting hood on […]

Forever Begins – Common

Victory won, in a world of hennessy and guns Too young for the marches but I remember these drums The […]

Sum Shit I Wrote – Common

Groove is my escapism, when I’m bubbly I just kick it What I need from you is understanding that I’m […]

Drivin’ Me Wild – Common

It’s this thing now, that’s drivin’ me wild I gotta see what’s up before it gets me down It’s this […]

Windows – Common

If your eyes are the window to your soul Open eyes when you’re cold If your dreams keep you warm […]

The Game – Common

[Chorus – Samples] “It’s only right that I address this…” “Gotta be in it to win it…” “I never come […]

Everywhere – Common

How did you know I been waiting for this time to come And though it tastes like for ever it […]

Heidi Hoe – Common

And you don’t stop, with the heidi heidi hoe Hi hoe, or bye hoe, if you’re lookin for a sucker […]

Southside – Common

La, la, la, la, la – and e’rybody say La, la, la, la, la – I know you, I know […]

I Am Music – Common

[Chorus: Jill Scott] Can you speak your words of bedtime I was just saying to myself the other day Most […]

U, Black Maybe – Common

[Hook] Can’t come around They gon’ wanna bring you down No one knows just what’s inside Doing dope and doing […]

New Wave – Common

Yeah! The war zone. Who you fighting for? [Verse 1: Common] It’s funk to rhythm and punk to rock loud […]

Heat – Common

Yeah, one two.. Yeah, where my nigga Jay Dee? Where ya at? (Yeah!) (Oooh, you say you got guns, then […]

Stolen Moments Pt. I – Common

Down da-down-da-down-down-down, what(x3) Down-da-down, check it, check it There was a Hardy boy mystery I was tryin to solve Can’t […]

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