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Lovin’ I Lost – Common

I remember, I remember the days [Verse 1] I remember she sit there with her thickness Never played a game but I heard about them sisters A wise mister said love is gunna get ya But that ain’t what I read in the scriptures, God be with us It was hard for me to take […]

Stolen Moments Pt. III – Common

Q-Tip: Hey, hey, hey, hey, Hey, who dat? Hey, who dat? Hey, who dat? Check it, what Hey sucka nigga, whoever you are(x2) Hey sucka nigga, hey sucka nigga Whoever you are, whoever you are Common: Fuck waitin under my skin, the situation is scrapin Somewhat like the girl X-ratin It’s hard to be patient […]

Sweet – Common

I’m doing what I do, hip hop, thats what I do Yeah How can I say this, fuck it I’m the greatest I am the A-list for all these great debaters A lot of ya’ll nah nah, forgot na, who I am The ’87 nigga used to rah rah in the jam Ow yeah, we […]

Tricks Up My Sleeve – Common

I’m a Jake, I don’t bake a cake I’m not a cake daddy, you know the type be pullin up in a Caddy with a drop top, see when I hoe hop, I kick it to the bus stop (what?) and it’s goodie goodie gumdrops I don’t be droppin squat but to the heads they […]

The Food – Common

Yeah! It’s been a long time coming You know what they say Kanye Slow motion better than no motion [Chorus – Kanye West] I walked in the crib, got two kids And my baby mama late (uh oh! uh oh! uh oh!) So I had to did, what I had to did Cause I had […]

Take It EZ – Common

I’m {easy} easy, easy like Sunday morning I can kick a stupid nervous joint when I’m yawning Ahhh, Common’s comin with that old oh excuse me Elizabeth, this is a big one, I mean a dewe-dewe Doogie, Howser, cause see I’m like Bowser Kickin it with the sha-na-na-na, the t-shirt, and the trousers, how’s the, […]

So Far To Go – Common

[Intro – D’Angelo] Ohhh, ohhhh… I wanna get closerrrrrr to you, baby… Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh… Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh… [Chorus – D’Angelo] You have come so far You’ve got so far to go (Yeah) Say it again! You have come so far You’ve got so far to go (Yeah) OHHHHHHHHHHH! [Verse 1 – Common] Ugh, ugh! […]

Pops Belief – Common

Uh huh, with the ya ya, yeah Just sitting around kicking it a little bit I thought we would record something tonight And I do want to dedicate it to two very outstanding people I live the spirit of Gentlemen Crispus Attucks and Mr. Marcus Garvey Thank you so much The Believer If I were […]

Real Nigga Quotes – Common

One two, one two, one two Yo, I be the Big Illinois, here to build and destroy I come on your deck, on your set On your strip, through your burrough Rippin any muthafucka that steps towards me Yeah, I got power like floors be Yo, check it out y’all Real nigga quotes I tote, […]

Retrospect For Life – Common

You look at your brother man you gotta see yourself Gotta see the God within him Brothers gettin changed real quick over nothin We losin too many of ours Gotta recreate y’all Yo, check it Knowin you the best part of life, do I have the right to take yours Cause I created you, irresponsibly […]

Watermelon – Common

Hyper when I venilate My rap pieces penetate and infiltrate your mental state Just to reitterate That I innovate Bonin’ broads when they men-estruate I speand a great time with the rhyme More than I did any female I derailed your train of thought Because your brain was caught On some other man’s thinking Now […]

Blows to the Temple – Common

We can go, toe to toe, with the blows to the temple (NOT) Not the Temple of Doom, so make room for the Unamerican Caravan (who you down with?) The B-Boys, Immenslope, Twilite Tone, Derrick and then some I don’t get rid of some faces while marks be lookin hard, and they be beggin bases […]

Invocation – Common

Envisioning the hereafter, listenin to Steve Wonder On a Quest for Love like the Proceed drummer I strike like lightning and don’t need thunder Inhale imagination and breathe wonder That’s your lady, I used to run up in her and G weed from her It’s a cold world and niggaz need summer At times my […]

Another Wasted Nite With… – Common

Say brotha If you ever let me leave out a club with a big fat ass, stove-like bitch like that without point out the facts, I’ma kick your motherfuckin ass. Man that nerve of the hoe not to give me no pussy. Come up in my house tryin to watch movies and shit. This ain’t […]

Misunderstood – Common

If sometimes you see that I’m mad No one can always be an angel When everything goes wrong you see some bad Well I’m just a soul whose intentions are good Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood [Common] Yeah, uh (Misunderstood) We do this, for the people that walk that path Tryna get […]

Communism – Common

Yo Troy I’ma come on the rhythm with a little bit of Communism Yeah, hah So check it out, yeah Chick-a chick-a I’m Chick-a chick-a on Chick-a chick-a my my, own shit Like an entrepeneur, that stepped in maneur man I’m newer than a Jack I went up the hill with Jill And Jack chills […]

Inhale – Common

I breathe deep Like an old man in a deep sleep Or an Indian peace pipe Identity be The beginning, the end, the first, the last Breathe into infinity A verse that lasts Got a chick in the south that be cursin’ fast When there was a drought then her thirst would last The hunger […]

Break My Heart – Common

but I’ll be there beside you (she said “don’t break my heart”) Oo..we you break my heart, but I’ll be there beside you (she said “don’t break my heart”) Oo..we you break my heart, but I’ll be there beside you, With lots of love to give you (love to, you) love to give you […]

Thisisme – Common

(repeat 2X, then 2X with ‘Common’ at the end of each line) Check it out Good morning… be at calm, I’m back HUH! It’s me again Is it me you’re looking for? (Yup) For the perfect beat, sweetly oblique I’m fresh, I come clean, but I can’t whistle *attempt at whistling* Psss, I’m only buggin […]

Gladiator (feat. Pharrell) – Common

[Chorus] Nothing you could do [x4] [Intro] They say he’s a radical, he don’t fit the game A heart full of glory and a fist of pain A couple of battle scars but shit’s the same Are you not entertained So all the onlookers and the bystanders Wait til intermission, run buy your camera Record […]

The 6th Sense – Common

The revolution is here Yeah, it’s Common Sense, with DJ Premier We gonna help y’all see clear It’s real hip-hop music, from the soul, y’all Yeah, check it, yo The perseverence of a rebel I drop heavier levels It’s unseen or heard, a king with words Can’t knock the hustle, but I’ve seen street dreams […]

A Film Called (Pimp) – Common

Yea, Yea, Yea You know, they call me a pimp, and you know what that mean I’m a Person that’s Making Profit. See I pimp internationally I’m nationally recognized, locally accepted I pimp with the truth, that’s the only method [Common] Seen her on Madison where Vice Lords be Travelin And Chevy windows be rattlin […]

The Corner – Common

[Verse 1: Common] Memories on corners with the fours & the moors (pronounced foes and moes) Walk to the store for the rose talking straightforward to Got uncles that smoke it some put blow up they nose To cope with they lows the wind is cold & it blows In they socks & they souls […]

Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World) – Common

Yeah baby boy In the place (for you and yours) to be Da uh da uh, we got the uh ya’ll We bout to rock ya’ll, we got the uh baby… Yo yo yo check it Excite-ting, enlight-ning, invite-ting I’m writin shit that I feel Raps are Black Steel In the Hour of commotion, the […]

Cloth – Common

We were from different cities on the same block Grew up in different circles in the same spot Like raindrops we fall in love giving our all Showing her ring off like a player at the ball I recall the walls that I had up Attracted to women for things that didn’t matter Ka-clow boom […]

Punch Drunk Love (The Eye) (feat. Kanye West) – Common

Come on girl lets Goooo [Chorus – Kanye West] Hey baby Am I crazy Or was u giving me the eye (the eye) You said maybe (yea) Well you crazy Because I know I’m too fly I already know im too fly (too fly) [X3] Yeah I know what cha like. [Common] Like now I’m […]

Electric Wire Hustler Flower – Common

[Common] Yo! [Chorus (x8)] Electric! Wire! Hustle! Flower! [Common] Blood and magic dripping from me True thugs and addicts I grip an entry Enter this game with tricks and envy I forget game to remain an emcee Rooms in this mind that’s still empty, only fufilled through prophecy You stoppin me, you see I’m tryin […]

Book Of Life – Common

So I take time Out my day To pray and I say Now I lay me down to sleep Hopin’ that I keep My soul Peep, I’m gettin’ old And it’s a cold cold world And I ain’t even got a bomber Livin’ with my momma It’s the same routine Keep my room clean I’m […]

It’s Your World (Part 1 & 2) – Common

Night blows, stoves don’t work. Hoes at work. A warrior, so I wear ’em on my shirt. Wish I was free as J was I spend the day buzzed Trippin off hypes, wishin for nights in different flavors. The age of Cain and Big Daddy (something) body Caddies, Uncles named Larry it really never grabbed […]

Coldblooded – Common

Cold-blooded, cold-blooded, hard-core Rough and rugged, rugged and raw For you and your-your, for you and your You got the C to the, huh – cold-blooded Ain’t it – huh, c’mon – hard-core We take it hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh-er Yo, yo My little daughter, started, nursery school Brother Com, gotta make our move through the stylist(?) and […]

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