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Ghetto Dreams (feat. Nas) – Common

Ghetto dreams Ghetto ghetto dreams Ghetto niggas’ dreams Ghetto ghetto dreams Ghetto niggas’ dreams Ghetto dreams Ghetto niggas’ dreams From […]

BE (Intro) – Common

I’m talking Malcom, Coltrane, my man Yusef Through death through conception New breath and resurrection For moms, new steps in […]

Puppy Chow – Common

Tch-a-ch-tchk, c’mere boy, I said it’s play-time It’s time to play with the mind of a slimmie I don’t wanna […]

Geto Heaven Part Two – Common

God bless… [D’Angelo] hmmmmm…, doo doooo, doo doooo, yeah…, yeah…, oooh Know I love my baby, My baby loves me […]

Love Is… – Common

(Yeah, Love is Love. God is Love.) 3X Chorus: How beautiful Love can be / On the streets love is […]

The People – Common

louder, louder, louder, louder louder, louder, Yeah Yeah, it’s for the People This is street ra-dio, for unsung heroes Ridin […]

My City – Common

This the city of Chicago The state of confusion The style I’m using is free Or at least it would […]

Aquarius – Common

Yeah! Yeah! [Common] Nigga deep in the rhythm, experience speak Some keepin’ the wisdom, the life hustlers seek I seeking […]

I Got a Right Ta – Common

Yeah! Hah! Yeah, we got, come on Y’all cats know the abstract nigga with the attitude Pass the booze, and […]

Come Close – Common

[Intro] [Common:] It’s just a fly love song, what [Mary J:] Mmmmm [Common:] It’s just a fly love song, what […]

1, 2 Many – Common

One wa-wa One, One Two, One Two One tigga One, One Two, One Two (Dug Infinite) Dug Inf on production, […]

Breaker 1/9 – Common

Lord have mercy, mercy mercy me You see I’m tryin to get the punani but you just wanna rock me, […]

Lovin’ I Lost – Common

I remember, I remember the days [Verse 1] I remember she sit there with her thickness Never played a game […]

Sweet – Common

I’m doing what I do, hip hop, thats what I do Yeah How can I say this, fuck it I’m […]

The Food – Common

Yeah! It’s been a long time coming You know what they say Kanye Slow motion better than no motion [Chorus […]

Take It EZ – Common

I’m {easy} easy, easy like Sunday morning I can kick a stupid nervous joint when I’m yawning Ahhh, Common’s comin […]

So Far To Go – Common

[Intro – D’Angelo] Ohhh, ohhhh… I wanna get closerrrrrr to you, baby… Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh… Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh… [Chorus – […]

Pops Belief – Common

Uh huh, with the ya ya, yeah Just sitting around kicking it a little bit I thought we would record […]

Watermelon – Common

Hyper when I venilate My rap pieces penetate and infiltrate your mental state Just to reitterate That I innovate Bonin’ […]

Invocation – Common

Envisioning the hereafter, listenin to Steve Wonder On a Quest for Love like the Proceed drummer I strike like lightning […]

Misunderstood – Common

If sometimes you see that I’m mad No one can always be an angel When everything goes wrong you see […]

Communism – Common

Yo Troy I’ma come on the rhythm with a little bit of Communism Yeah, hah So check it out, yeah […]

Inhale – Common

I breathe deep Like an old man in a deep sleep Or an Indian peace pipe Identity be The beginning, […]

Break My Heart – Common

but I’ll be there beside you (she said “don’t break my heart”) Oo..we you break my heart, but I’ll be […]

Thisisme – Common

(repeat 2X, then 2X with ‘Common’ at the end of each line) Check it out Good morning… be at calm, […]

The 6th Sense – Common

The revolution is here Yeah, it’s Common Sense, with DJ Premier We gonna help y’all see clear It’s real hip-hop […]

The Corner – Common

[Verse 1: Common] Memories on corners with the fours & the moors (pronounced foes and moes) Walk to the store […]

Cloth – Common

We were from different cities on the same block Grew up in different circles in the same spot Like raindrops […]

Coldblooded – Common

Cold-blooded, cold-blooded, hard-core Rough and rugged, rugged and raw For you and your-your, for you and your You got the […]

Sex 4 Suga – Common

Girl you’ve been touched by the forces of nature Im just tryna motivate ya electricity is definately there I got […]

What A World – Common

S**t that make the world all work that’s what in my blood And I won’t stop until I drop, cause […]

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