Gethsemane – Conception

little mirror on the wall forgive my sins as so many times before your calm convinced the world I know […]

Retrospect – Conception

in cover of a dazzling fullmoon I pace in the hall rendered harmless by the memory of what I used […]

Missionary Man – Conception

I’ve seen the outline of a scheme a vision of tranquility the world in my profound embrace I’ve seen conclusions […]

Flow – Conception

sometimes it’s easy to believe it’s worth the pain sometimes you wonder if your efforts were all in vain you […]

A Million Gods – Conception

don’t hesitate to hope, they said come close, don’t be afraid love don’t seem to find it’s way to where […]

Cry – Conception

you are everything I would you are found in what I do as the moon passes slowly by we say […]

Some Wounds – Conception

clinch onto the swirling wind have a glimpse of ancient sins taste a ray of amber light as the weary […]

Guilt – Conception

I have crossed the ultimate limit today (a war is half-way won) time and time again I’ve said to myself; […]

Hold On – Conception

don’t try to seize the time we shared for all I ever do I do for you just close your […]