Conductor – Metal Church

Always got an empty seat, no need for reservation
There’s no need to hesitate, come and step inside
Take a chance, climb aboard, come enjoy the ride

Here we have the secrets, here we have the answers
All forgotten heroes, lost and crippled dancers
Come and take my hand child, step onto the stage
Dreams that can unlock your mind, like keys unlock a cage

Step into the lamp child, ‘neath the engine’s gaze
If you never quite belonged,
this train it welcomes strays, for they return
Look into my eyes and see they burn
Take a look at history and learn
All the lessons that the years have earned
Still they return

I’m your conductor, what’s your destination?
There’s no need for baggage here,
so leave it at the station
Tell me what you want child, tell me if you see
Beckoning in the dark, immortality

Yesterday’s a dream now, nearly an illusion
Tommorrow’s just a fantasy that’s bordering delusion
All the days you’ve yet to live are rushing towards the past
Curtain’s up, climb aboard, through the looking glass

Lyric Conductor – Metal Church