Contribution Suicide – Fleshcrawl

Bloody rain – Drippin’ down from the sky
Discrepancy – The war between low and high
Former ages – Reign of superstition, magic rites
Dark powers – Influencing people’s life

Holy priest – Absolution for all sins
Crusades – In the name of the holy church
Burn in hell – The damned now rot inside
Last chance – Was contribution suicide
Freedom of thoughts – No longer exists

Cries, cries, cries, cries

No place for changes – Uphold the flag of war
Millions already deceased – Even more to die
All time is wasted – Too late to forgive
Now the battle rages – Until no one is left

Cries, cries, cries, cries

Once so bright – The future’s now dark
A crowd held down – The inferior race
Like the prophecy said – Don’t deny the signs
T R U S T – First step into slavery

Interior plague – Intoxication of humanity
Twisted minds – Formed this chaos called world

Lyric Contribution Suicide – Fleshcrawl