Performer CORONER

Read My Scars – Coroner

Cold like a crystal Numbered hours creeping Insanity strangles reality… Weakened, crushed, formed New dimensions arise My mind becomes a […]

Sirens – Coroner

When we were dancin’ on bridges High above rivers of tears and The lightness of innocence gave us wings We […]

Metamorphosis – Coroner

Wrapped around your neck… See me become a spike Pushed deep in your flesh… Feel me become a tongue Gliding […]

The Lethargic Age – Coroner

A thousand eyes still closed, cause they’re afraid to see the world Two thousand hands are bound, with golden chains […]

Voyage To Eternity – Coroner

Sitting at my controls watching those flashing lights Few breaths left in my oxygen supply Communication dead earth now just […]

Tunnel Of Pain – Coroner

Thousands of words, beating my brain Thousands of lips, try to explain But never found the answer Pushed around, edge […]