Cowboy Joe – UFO

I’m not looking to change your mind,
There’s a place, call it home
It’s no secret, the world unwinds
Maybe now you’re not alone

It’s just another day
in the life of Cowboy Joe
Straitlaced to the bone
(This story will not play?)

You take the wheel and play the chance
Suddenly the room’s divided
As in the way of true romance
It’s always undecided

It’s just another day
in the life of cowboy Joe
Shipwrecked to the bay
(This story will not play?)

Every time he climbs back up
Smacked down with a dime
It’s evens or odds now
Just ran out of time


Love’s a struggle, there’s a fight
No bone of contention
So unhappy, well here’s the bite
That’s the mother of invention

It’s just another day
In the life of cowboy Joe

Lyric Cowboy Joe – UFO