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What A Bringdown – Cream

Dainties in a jam-jar, parson’s colour in the sky. Water in a fountain doesn’t get me very high. Moby Dick and Albert making out with Captain Bligh. So you know what you know in your head. Will you, won’t you, do you, don’t you know when a head’s dead? What a bringdown! Winter leader Lou […]

Outside Woman Blues – Cream

If you lose your money, great God, don’t lose your mind. If you lose your money, great God, don’t lose your mind. And if you lose your woman, please don’t fool with mine. I’m gonna buy me a bulldog, watch my lady whilst I sleep. I’m gonna buy me a bulldog, watch my lady whilst […]

Pressed Rat And Warthog – Cream

Pressed rat and warthog have closed down their shop. They didn’t want to; ’twas all they had got. Selling atonal apples, amplified heat, And pressed rat’s collection of dog legs and feet. Sadly they left, telling no one goodbye. Pressed rat wore red jodhpurs, warthog a striped tie. Between them, they carried a three-legged sack, […]

Those Were The Days – Cream

When the city of Atlantis stood serene above the sea, Long time before our time when the world was free, Those were the days. Golden cymbals flying on ocarina sounds, Before wild Medusa’s serpents gave birth to hell Disguised as heaven. Those were the days, yes they were, those were the days. Those were their […]

Tales Of Brave Ulysses – Cream

You thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever, But you rode upon a steamer to the violence of the sun. And the colors of the sea blind your eyes with trembling mermaids, And you touch the distant beaches with tales of brave Ulysses: How his naked ears were tortured by the sirens sweetly […]

I Feel Free – Cream

Feel when I dance with you, We move like the sea. You, you’re all I want to know. I feel free, I feel free, I feel free. I can walk down the street, there’s no one there Though the pavements are one huge crowd. I can drive down the road; my eyes don’t see, Though […]

Doing That Scrapyard Thing – Cream

When I was young they gave me a mongrel piano, Spent all my time inventing the cup of tea. Writing your name in the sea, Banging my favorite head. Missing the last bed, waving the cheery herring, Balancing brass bands on the tip of my toe. Phoning your home from a tree, Drinking my favorite […]

Passing The Time – Cream

It is a cold winter, Away is the songbird. And gone is her traveller, She waits at home. The sun is on holiday, No leaves on the trees. The animals sleep While cold North wind blows. The snowflakes are falling, The roof a white blanket. There’s ice on the window pane, She waits alone. She […]