Crimson Might (and Glory!) – Epoch Of Unlight

… As giant wings, fashioned from the flesh of the fallen, exerted their will to secure beast and rider’s course in twilight’s sky so the once placid night was disturbed. In legion they came with only instinct as guide spurred ever forward by an all-consuming hunger. A hunger so old that the truth in its origin was forgot, and so it came to pass…

In a land far, far from the source, far from the light
Order decayed, decay wore away the immortal pride
Realize the nature deprived
Wanting the system has failed
Willful the inner self
Guiding where free flows the life
In a scene, already seen, a pact is made
(And) Gathering men, yet not wholly men, a break is made
Fledglings at a time they were with few
Centuries between and likewise treated in place
But now in mass exodus the willful
Depart leaving the Noachian ways to rot
The ancient fools were left to rot!
A world with many fruits yet bared and many more in prime
To pull apart the pulpy flesh and sip from what’s inside
In ecstasy the warmth within is felt by sallow hands
Which mold an all to willing flesh entranced by feral eyes
Journey’s end in lands once verboten,
By Crimson Might the precept was broken
From the skies yet more descend and swoop upon the tithe
For as Lords and Ladies this must surely be their prize
A glint of Mistress in their blades before they find their mark
And in the wake of frenzy’s end the sated now depart
Silhouettes on ancient walls await the coming of nightfall where shadows pale as one

Lyric Crimson Might (and Glory!) – Epoch Of Unlight