In Bitterness And Sorrow – Crown Of Thorns

See my light it has gone away – My fire is dead but here I stay Time is passing by though nothing heals its breath does tear my life Endless pain throught my loveless heart I feel my soul grow deadly cold Still I breathe and and still I stay – Still I “live” day […]

The Black Heart – Crown Of Thorns

Trapped – locked in life Not for long – bound for death My revenge I don’t belong here Tear down – The blood clotted walls of reality Break through – The lies of the living world Burn your body – your disguise Face eternity with open eyes Can’t you see that this is not real […]

Soulicide Demon-Might – Crown Of Thorns

No way back I’ve gone to far He is on his way Give up my hope No resist His whispers are so close Shut my eyes and forget the light inside Dark desires and wishes of demon-might Unite with my shadow, the reflections in the mirror Swept away by waves of darkness Roaring hate – […]

Godless – Crown Of Thorns

Join me through a path of life when a dream becomes reality Your dark dreams / Your agony are far beyond your sanity The cold wind / dries my blood The blood that I gave for an eternal life Defeated by the memories that haunted my sadistic mind Follow me into my darkest desires and […]

Kill (The Priest) – Crown Of Thorns

Ohh – It’s Metal in the air It flows through our hearts And gives us strength It’s time to show christianity That DEATH is reality! That everything must die! Ohh – Kill the priest Kill the priest – Yeah! (Lead: M. Sunesson) Metal strikes – All mercy dies Kill the priest and burn the church […]

The Serpent Garden – Crown Of Thorns

A distant place – Where once we all lived like slaves Stolen of our mind and thoughts we were left there naked – Living dead Forbidden need – To taste the fruits of the knowledge tree Serving on our knees we will as long as we’re not breaking free The Serpent temptates our souls: – […]