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Repent (Whore) – Cryhavoc

your face in a dusk your silhouette in a shades eyes gliming full of lust You try to dazzle me with your beauty You try to bewitch me. When cold northwind blows I can smell your parfyme when frost bites I feel your lips on my neck I donÒ‘t want to share my life oh […]

The Wind – Cryhavoc

And we lay side by side For now I take last a look on you Before I take a ride… Night of magic, the night of desire, passion from delight disappeared in dark. And only moon could see how I leave So leave your window open I’ll come with the first cold breeze First sign […]

I Fade Away – Cryhavoc

we talk for a while nothing really to say so we drink a bottle of wine dusk turns to night we leave together you still think that I’m the one who loves you forever I taste your precious fruit of passion and you think that I’m the one but I just want your feminine charm […]

The Serpent And Eve – Cryhavoc

Again I’m having this same dream I’m in a garden And you are here with me Your pale figure Unclothed you are wandering In shades I lie in wait Celestial beauty I see You walk across the garden Across meadow to the grove To the dream grove I follow You dance under the trees Under […]

Pagan Uprise – Cryhavoc

listening the chant of my soul I feel the northern blow and I hear it, how it sings When I’m in my wooden sanctuary I feel my mortality I realize how weak I am when I’m in my wooden sanctuary When lightning strikes I feel my mortality When I’m in my wooden sanctuary I feel […]

Spree – Cryhavoc

Quit speaking when the seal breaks I taste a sweet & bitter taste The more I drink the more I see How clearly world opens to me I can continue this everlasting spree But I don’t need you to tell me how to drink In the ocean of lies my boat will sink You speak […]