Performer CULT THE

Rain – Cult

Like a desert sun that burns my skin I’ve been waiting for her for so long Open the sky and […]

Black Angel – Cult

A thousand years, and now he thinks of home The long men are waiting in the wings To put him […]

Nirvana – Cult

Till I hung up my blues on a nail in your wall It rained flowers when the music began Love […]

Love – Cult

Wanna dig the scene? Love, obviously, very soon, everybody Love, obviously, very soon, everybody Oh, oh won’t you love that […]

Revolution – Cult

I can’t see what these images mean Locked inside me Can’t set the rainbows free Like perishing flowers They sag […]

Hollow Man – Cult

I see a hollow man, gun in hand, gun in hand, it points my way You know, he follows me […]

Judith – Cult

And goes, she comes No man will ever Make her moan Break her bones Hey Judith Judith Hey, hey On […]

Big Neon Glitter – Cult

And drag me back, drag me back, drag me back Through the revolution, without solution And the walls get taller […]

Phoenix – Cult

Oh, dig this Like the heat from a thousand suns that burns on Rising ever higher A phoenix from a […]