Da Night B4 My Shit Drop – Rampage

[I]- Interviewer
[R]- Rampage

[I] Hi I’m sittin here with Rampage
Whose album is comin out tomorrow
[R] I feel great
*beat kicks in*
[I] Yea you look good too
Let me ask you a question, what are you sayin the words
Are they violent, are they controversial
What are you sayin on the music – what is it?
[R] Go buy the album
[I] Go buy the album?
Well the people wanna know what you tryin to say
You’re not pushin that violence or fightin or anythin
[R] Check the album
[I] Well let me ask you a question
How you gonna handle fame and fortune as a rapper?

I’m sittin in the room, smokin a fat pack of boom
Watchin a crazy cartoon, plus my hours comin soon
It’s a minute to midnight
I’m soon to take flight
I’m sounded right, sucka niggas can’t see my light
I’m nervous, Ready wanna know how I’m comin
The Boy Scout drop the true shit then I’m hummin
It’s my check in the mail, with my book of rowdy record sale
All in my mind, when I’m bitin my nail
I just can’t felt, I’m the heavyweight that takin the scale
I gotta get mine, so I gotta raise hell
I’m vaxin in this rap biz alone
Like a cyclone, watchin head get flowned
With the quickness, temple to type shape it is
It’s the Boy Scout Superman that’s with this
You know you can’t see this, droppin street shit non stop
This was Da Night B4 My Shit Drop

[I] Yeah I’m back with Rampage
And Rampage, I think your are afraid of the heat
[R] This was Da Night B4 My Shit Drop
[I] Maybe there’s just too much pressure on a rapper
Whose album comes out tomorrow comes out tomorrow
[R] This was Da Night B4 My Shit Drop
Are you one of those New Jack rappers
who just started rappin or somethin
[R] This was Da Night B4 My Shit Drop
The audience wants to know are you tryin to say somethin know
[R] This was Da Night B4 My Shit Drop
Back in a minute

As a new artist, I know some party peoples want to try me
Why me? Because the Rampage is a mystery
Reingin supreme and all that, I’m packin my gat
The Boy Scout is up to bat
I’m swingin, crack the bat, it’s a homerun
No way to rope son, I’m shakin at the top done
As I flip my lid, rap to me

Lyric Da Night B4 My Shit Drop – Rampage