Call From The Grave – Daemonarch

God of heaven Hear my cries of anguish I’m in pain I’ve suffered a thousand deaths But i live on In vain Death would greet with eternal sleep my soul will Come to peace My life has ceased, the time has come Can no one Hear my pleas? Lowered down in the moist ground Into […]

Hermeticum – Daemonarch

My House (my heart?)will become our shelter. (Now that you took) inside my head. Soon the levy wanes And my fears grow (grovel?) in the dark. as the seal I am in disguise. Saniyaza I look down and there’s my face I look down and i fear down on my hands in fornication A——?? We’ll […]

The Seventh Daemonarch – Daemonarch

Arisen by a silver sword that lost its battle shine. As i walk into the gate I left that world behind. My father wakes me with his calls Rotten vile human pride ?? with fire rival the earth shall die ?? — a thousand times I was tempted by the fire And with fire I […]

Hymn To Lucifer – Daemonarch

This body, above the light radiant When novel passions send solicitors Swept out the dark lust sweet passing And there is no end to deal without curse And blessed with sorrow the true source is We’re alive inside the universe Where love and knowledge flow out innocent The key of joy is: (whispered) Disobedience (Heavy […]