Jimmy Gets High – Daniel Powter

So you get high tonight And Jimmy you lied, I wonder if you ever get yourself back here alive So you get high tonight ‘Cause you don’t need nobody to make it on your own You dont need nobody you’d rather be alone So Jimmy gets high tonight And Jimmy gets high tonight I must […]

Song 6 – Daniel Powter

you snapshot the girl in Tuscany I didn’t know recommend at the time you’re acting out of line and I don’t need you any more Seeing something new is what I’m hoping for I’m going to lose and go for a ride Seeming that I’ve got time Chorus: So let’s lie in the sun You […]

Give Me Life – Daniel Powter

understand my point of view and I’m not bothered I break before I bend give me life, give me life, for what I do. I can’t remember and everything the same and what you think that I should be you pushed me backwards, I played the stupid game give me life, give me life, for […]

Stupid Like This (Non-Album Track) – Daniel Powter

And it’s a hopeless situation god knows how And I know And I find Some peace of mind Who’s the man that talks about you now Became a hopeless situation When he left town And I know Yeah I know This peace of mind ‘Cause I’m stupid like this And I’m stupid like that I’m […]