Sucka For Love – Danity Kane

I’m a sucka over love Smooth slick talk Anything he wants I could provide it, I’m a rider Fulfill your desire Tell you baby what you wa-a-ant I could be there if you wa-a-ant I could model that if you wa-a-ant This ain’t it for them scary chicks I handle my businesses [Aubrey & DK […]

Touching My Body – Danity Kane

Would You Like That? Do You Like That? I Know You Like That! [Aundrea:] Starin At Me All Nite While Im Out On The Floor It Was Clear What U Wanted So U Pushed Up On It [Aubrey:] I Was Gridin With The Dj With My Hands On The Floor I Guess U Coudn’t Take […]

One Shot – Danity Kane

Yeah, Somethin New, Yeah, U Already Know Another B. Cox Joint Unhh [Aundrea:] U All N My Ear ( I Hear U Talkin Dirty ) U Wanna Get Me Alone, But U Aint Sayin Nuthin New 2 Me ( New 2 Me ) R U Sure That U Can Handle Me, Unh Unh, Uha Uha […]

Right Now – Danity Kane

Oh boy Baby. Oh no no no, touch me like that Ohh my god, baby, no, no, no, no, no [Verse 1- Aundrea] Go slow, you just dont know What Id do to you If the situation was different [Dawn] Its beat and go (go) Wed be on this floor, itd be on for sure […]

Stay With Me – Danity Kane

Raindrops, fall from, everywhere I reach out, for you, but your not there So i stood, waiting, in the dark With your picture, in my hands Story of a broken heart Chorus Stay With Me Don’t let Me go Cause I Cant Be Without You Jsut Stay With Me And Hold Me Close Because I’ve […]

Lights Out – Danity Kane

[Aubrey] I’m so hot when I walk I leave smoke in my tracks Don’t leave your man with me cuz he won’t come back I’m dangerous (That’s when the lights go out) [Aundrea] I’m a girl that’s not afraid of the dark When the lights go out I get what I want So easy (When […]

Back Up – Danity Kane

[Aubrey] (Yeah) So you say that you dont think of me and then confess and I say that I think about the past. When that chick was callin’, playin’ on my phone 4 in the mornin’, talkin’ (uhhh) It’s about to be on, ifshe don’t back off me. [D. Woods] And now you say that […]

Ooh Ahh – Danity Kane

C’mon keep it going Aubrey talk to em’ [Aubrey:] Lately I’ve been looking for a man Who got it so good i’ll be eatin’ out his hand Got me talkin’ about him to all of my friends I just can’t help myself gotta be around him [Dawn:] Yeah, yeah, he got a little change But […]

Damaged – Danity Kane

Do, Do you got a first aid kit handy? Do, Do you know how to patch up a wound? Tell me, are you patient, understanding? Cause I might need some time to clear the holed in my heart and I [DK] I’ve tried every remedy And nothing seems to work for me [D. Woods] Baby, […]

Bad Girl – Danity Kane

When the red light comes on I transform [Aubrey] Look in my eyes covered in Maybelline Looking like something fresh out a magazine I can be part of your deepest fantasies You’re the detective, come solve my mystery [D. Woods] Some say that love is all that I’m missing Some call it jezebel, I call […]