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I Don’t Mind The Pain – Danzig

remember to call my name i adore it if you call my name i implore it if w/ all these things we invoke here call you out our name but be forwarned dear i don’t mind the pain we hear you call our name we adore it hear you all these things that we invoke […]

Mother – Danzig

Mother Tell your children not to walk my way Tell your children not to hear my words What they mean What they say Mother Mother Can you keep them in the dark for life Can you hide them from the waiting wolrd Oh mother Father Gonna take you daughter out tonight Gonna show her my […]

Until You Call On The Dark – Danzig

i wanna be your misery i wanna be the world you fear i wanna be your emptiness i wanna be the god who kills i wanna be the christ who dies upon the fires of infamy can’t you see it can you feel it until you call on the dark can’t you see it now […]

Little Whip – Danzig

you crawl across the floor on your hands and knees to seek revelation little whip i pull you up i grab your hair i give you hope little whip i give the black sun to sear off your tounge i gave you a life little whip a come on little whip a come on little […]

Twist Of Cain – Danzig

Yea, yea, yea Ooh I can feel it move me Feel it shove me As I break the law Said yea I can feel it’s jabbing Cuts the numbness then I I come alive yea Twist of Cain Yea drives my brain Yea twist of Cain Make me come alive ‘Cause it does Yea twist […]

Evil Thing – Danzig

I serve my perdition In this private hell A thousand angers Have kept me alive Carve a hole in your distorted soul I’m here to bang it Yea The blessing is a curse Seduction and thirst Feeds the hunger Take a little caution When you look my way See the emptieness in my eyes And […]

Dominion – Danzig

if the heart is cold if there is no light i can be the one if the the heart is cold if the blood runs hot let there be an end let there be no one who can be the light where you go i won’t lead cause if the heart is dead i can […]

Possession – Danzig

I want to crawl inside your soul Nestle in your brain Stand you on your head Crouch you on all fours Oh I will walk among your dreams When you think you are asleep The invitation of your mind Beckons me to your sin All the things that you say and feel For I will […]

Cantspeak – Danzig

can’t speak can’t talk can’t do anything they want can’t hide or change your mind gonna live w/ all my soul inside can’t speak can’t talk can’t stop for the reeling cause or love i told ’em all about it can’t talk cause i’m already lost can’t think can’t cry keep thinking of a suicide […]

Soul On Fire – Danzig

Angels fall to earth World heats down Cool Now your heart is cold Waiting on the summer Of my soul Devil-girl you must burn Burn at the touch Of autmn’s breath Burn that heart of cold Simmering in the samhain Of my soul Gotta wait On the samhain of my soul Gonna bring your wolrd […]