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The Promise Of Agony – Dark Angel

You tell me what will become of us? Are the lines so drawn and the stage so set, That as we age what reamins is burdened sufferance? My mortality looms in its visage is doom, And it’s speaking to me alone. The years will unfold but what is the use? In solitude I’m left to […]

Hunger Of The Undead – Dark Angel

I walk through deaths’ door I’m frightened to see A determined fate is not in store for me No light in the tunnel Or brimstone awaits Return to the earth A reincarnate My life Meant others had to suffer in my wake My hatred proved too much for god to take My soul is set […]

No One Answers – Dark Angel

As you enter your realm of incorruption, The values of morality in their pristine state. The walls that surround you in a gentle caress, Protect you from a world of hate. And the Earth is full of lurid madmen, Misogynists abound waiting to produce your fall. But the being you should most fear when you […]

Immigrant Song – Dark Angel

We come from the land of the ice and snow, >From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow. The hammer of the gods Will drive their ships to new lands, To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming! On we sweep with threshing oar, Our only goal will be the western […]

Trauma And Catharsis – Dark Angel

Leading quiet lives of desperation, we maniacally cling to the unreal. Life pursues its stranglehold, upon us, its pain revealed. We, as a race, are frail and weak, crises leave us paralyzed. We strain to deal with what’s thrown at us, we’re therefore traumatized. Really, I speak for no one but me, And I am […]

Time Does Not Heal – Dark Angel

It’s always darkest before it goes Completely black I’m older now so I should know You never can look back But the scars of childhood memories Dominate my head The inner pain I’ve vowed to keep Until the day I’m dead You can’t see, the life I was forced to lead What it’s like to […]

Black Prophecies – Dark Angel

Back when man had not care for the past And little hope for the future A man who stood out in the annals of time To tell of the actions to come The uncanny words of a clinical mind Turn of centuries bore his truth A mysterious being with a curious gift Nostradamus–chosen one His […]