Performer DARK ANGEL

The New Priesthood – Dark Angel

History’s shown you that answers can’t be found above. Life’s great questions are tackled only by us. Knowledge of mysteries […]

Psychosexuality – Dark Angel

A shadow, I prowl these decadent streets, Perversion, degradation my soulmates. An observer, I’m admist the innocent weak, My fascinations […]

Act Of Contrition – Dark Angel

Emotions are easily spent, twisted and forever bent. When fixations are not returned the lines are so quickly obscured. (chorus) […]

Darkness Descends – Dark Angel

FEAR The world now stands ancient, showing her age Antique, senile, archaic Peroration impending, not one to assuage The human […]

Merciless Death – Dark Angel

You fall before us, shattered in vain You thrash about us, screaming in pain Tortured and flaming, you’re on your […]

No One Answers – Dark Angel

As you enter your realm of incorruption, The values of morality in their pristine state. The walls that surround you […]