Below The Holy Fatherlands – Dark Millennium

Where phantasm has its origin Where the shadows hunt the light And no god enforces might Lies the sin, the painful sin. From the clouds above my eyes Drop the tears that lead the way To the entry of the hidden Wither knowledge takes my brain… Lead me to the kingdom of depths Where silence […]

Mechanismeffects – Dark Millennium

I gave you to my desert ‘said ya’ might be lost but not alone i sold you to me prototype propensity to scorn is mine to show, guess what?! Move, spoof, overweight heat out of control. Spring again, sin again, spittum, chaos overlapping don’t you step over… the flood area. So whats wrong with a […]

Black Literature – Dark Millennium

Welcome to the hunt. Welcome to the master’s palace, Welcome home, my son…” A secret lies forbidden I’m trapped in dismal thoughts An unknown reign is hidden Prevailed by unknown lords. Don’t pray to images of other Gods, An order I was taught. Seclude my memories of the past, When legends had been told. The […]

Inside The Sunburnt Thought Of Frost – Dark Millennium

Slide in the aesthetics of the tempting white Trapped beneath the laughter, insanity in disguise. Eyes controlling hands craving life – Reality. Infection injects injunction in the brains orientation… Herdsman, hear the call of the wolves Desultory smile of a blood-spitting mouth Heterodoxy of a wizard’s creation pray to the sands. Have we fructified the […]

My Repertory Of Grey – Dark Millennium

I would never know the latest day I woke up in the cold broke that I promised, fading away, my light. Tell me, my repertory, if this will last what more they want my pride to give and why – I ask you why am I the only figure kept alive. They had to do […]