Blasphemer – Dark Throne

In the quest for shudders I was as the absence melted in my hand As clear as my gleaming sorrow A spectral fascination For irony to serve are the glorious those who triumph in a kingdom of eternity? …a castle of sand whose roof has sheltered my I sense “the absence of triumph and lust […]

Quintessence – Dark Throne

Oh, I Drank It Empty In One Single Sip Eight Miles Wide The Valley Beyond All Hope Oh, I Filled The Whole With One Single Fist Five Million Christians On A Ride Towards Us Oh, I Slaughtered The Bunch With One Single Hit (With My Spe- Ar) Five Million Women So Alone In The Night […]

Where Cold Winds Blow – Dark Throne

I Can not reach my Rusty Weapons the Blood and Sword that Guided my Path for they Drowned in the Sands of Wisdom I was, indeed, a King of the Flesh My Blackened Edges; still they were Sharp Honoured by the Carnal Herds but asketh thou: Closed are the Gates? My Mind cut my Winged […]