As Flittermice As Satans Spys – Dark Throne

Fordone by Mournful rest now seeking to be fed again Rising terrestrial power umbraged by celestial light That Shineth Forth from the palace of god – the palace of no return Flittermice of Eld they peer into the morrows, They peer the yesteryears as thoose are coming back. Beholding the son recrucified, beholding gods race […]

Under A Funeral Moon – Dark Throne

The chilling steel open my veins Blood staines my skin Silver chalice must be filled Drinking the poisoned blood I enter my shadowed coffin Two goathorns in my hands I raise my arms and close my eyes To receive the infernal hails From my brother in the land of the damned The howling wind blows […]

Black Victory Of Death – Dark Throne

Fire Fire I greet Thee Give life to shadows grim So that they may writhe where you dwelt In life, now dead within Gaia! Once mother of all life Now raped by death To breed the brethren of black fire Destruction! In claw-controe Neverending bleakness In the sight of the undead Black desert of ashes […]

To Walk The Infernal Fields – Dark Throne

A wing of the pentagram Comes the juice that painted My heart and my soul Swept in black they are Swept in black I am From this soul comes the eyes That will look upon your ten Beautiful heads with delight My heart is the one That will tend to your flames And make them […]

A Blaze In The Northern Sky – Dark Throne

Lying in the Northern wind As the Sky turns Black clouds of Melancholy rape the Beams of a Devoid Dying Sun and the Distant Fog approaches Coven of forgotten Delight Hear the Pride of a Northern Storm Triumphant sight on a Northern Sky Where the days are Dark and Night the Same Moonlight Drank the […]

In The Shadow Of The Horns – Dark Throne

Eyes Burn like (an) October Sunrise As Once they Gazed upon the Hillside Searching for the Memories… In the Shadow of the Horns only seen by the Kings of the Dawn (of the) First Millennium upon the Thrones In the Shadow of the Horns Cleansed like the air in the Night World Without End (we’ve […]

The Beast – Dark Throne

Timeless Contradiction Born Without Flesh Stand – Still Movement Nothing is In Perspective Smashing Ground Concious, Aware… Mindflight Fully Digested Consequences Beyond Rational – Thought Aming of the Featherless For it is Bournd to Existance Sources Floating – Shimmering – Events, That Make the Warrior Proud BlackHole Invulnerability Black Flames Gallantly Dancing Threading Human Soil […]

Blasphemer – Dark Throne

In the quest for shudders I was as the absence melted in my hand As clear as my gleaming sorrow A spectral fascination For irony to serve are the glorious those who triumph in a kingdom of eternity? …a castle of sand whose roof has sheltered my I sense “the absence of triumph and lust […]

Quintessence – Dark Throne

Oh, I Drank It Empty In One Single Sip Eight Miles Wide The Valley Beyond All Hope Oh, I Filled The Whole With One Single Fist Five Million Christians On A Ride Towards Us Oh, I Slaughtered The Bunch With One Single Hit (With My Spe- Ar) Five Million Women So Alone In The Night […]

Where Cold Winds Blow – Dark Throne

I Can not reach my Rusty Weapons the Blood and Sword that Guided my Path for they Drowned in the Sands of Wisdom I was, indeed, a King of the Flesh My Blackened Edges; still they were Sharp Honoured by the Carnal Herds but asketh thou: Closed are the Gates? My Mind cut my Winged […]