Lethe – Dark Tranquillity

Lethe, give me to drink of the fluid that disintegrates and lend me the sweet balmond blessing of forgetfulness, empty and strong Hold me near, unravel the stars as I speed through the heavens, speed through the night for you are my blade and my rope, you are my Lethe In currents of cobalt you […]

Emptier Still – Dark Tranquillity

Secrets in here Claim no belonging Together again Or send me to madness I know that i should have listened Was given a choice i turned down forever So tell me are you lonely Emptier still As time takes us farther Away from the goals By which we are measured I know that I should […]

Dreamlore Degenerate – Dark Tranquillity

in thy robe of guilt with garments forged in spiteful steel No tainted pride shall make conviction cease None shall be unto thee proven worthy of thy outmost fear Let aeons the silent longing instinct shun the ones you dear As the hunter boldly stalks his prey intoxicated Conviction reign where truth might sway intimidated […]

Nightfall By The Shore Of Time – Dark Tranquillity

A shimmertrace of divinity lost In the beckoning midnight vault (We are) lulled within the wake Of a cold November’s nightfall Nightfall… A communion of life and eternity, Of Races scattered in the depths Of the universal dark Above us minds went sailing free And blossomed in the vast nocturnal sea Paragon of beauty, Oh, […]

Razorfever – Dark Tranquillity

strangled by sin No remorse mistreat the soul again No features the blur of things denied No return the cross to bear is my own Just one sip and life returns Razorfever The pollution of your narrow perception Read into the lines of men’s work Degeneration: let the truth be known Numb the pain with […]

At Loss For Words – Dark Tranquillity

Waiting for the signs to bring The first to sing Felt inbetween these fears Set to unknown tunes So tempt these fragile fiends A grace gone dark You_ll never know Never feel Never taste the depths of your defeat Break into the hearts and minds of man Never one to tell Sucking on a lie […]

Ego Drama – Dark Tranquillity

Wrestled on its back The ego showed his face Charged up, recieving Came out knowing Hopeless intrusion Where nothing can be found Strewn, the seeds were wasted On the innocent in awe Fruitless connection In the ripeness of his age Drawn and thrust in anger The dagger once again will fail It_s over If nothing […]

Zodijackyl Light – Dark Tranquillity

defeat in spiritless action Isolation – burn the greenwood order of the vertical path Descendent crawl in the remnants of one thousand lies Restaging torching a world that was left behind Zodiackyl light Cross the sharpest void deride the embers of his faith the bringer that on million horses ride Waiting for the call within […]

Still Moving Sinews – Dark Tranquillity

and we all stood like monuments baring the nails in her back Still moving sinews in a graceful impression of life shyly the arms, shyly the breasts fold fear die Ten fingers driven through the heart, through the core as I stare into those strange, magnetic eyes and wonder: (for you/me) are there demons there? […]

Unfurled By Dawn – Dark Tranquillity

Time and space unite era of darkness – we mourn Times of sorrow despite our preach is put to scorn… In ways like these I shall be reborn to my words I conform To seek the path of knowledge through time In a life in a lack of rhyme (or reason) Subconcious powers flow – […]

Cornered – Dark Tranquillity

There never was a night like this How could there ever be Through sweat and velvet misery The fever race in me Cornered in a symetrical design Spherelike chrome on a sea enraged What the mirror sees Is the clutching at straws Taking us under The storm of the ocean This velvety crush Ringcorners – […]

Tongues – Dark Tranquillity

yours be the sharp and the vile Glide neath my skin storm trough my nerves I bury the nomad years hours in the earth couldn’t exorcise these searing, peaking tongues Immune you say yet venom stakes in strangest guises Tongue, throat, tongue slayer of the word and stealer of vision A monumental reign of terrors […]

The Same – Dark Tranquillity

What we always fear and loathe Becomes of us Repay the visit of our loss Reset the marks again The turning point Seems to be holding on Sands of ages and the stars above Everchanging as the same hearts beat Repeating _til the end Seas of slander and the soil we walk Everchanging as the […]

Silence, And The Firmanent Withdrew – Dark Tranquillity

Make all the cold trees mourn their branches frozen in sightless motion Waving, reaching for the whipping rain There was silence and the firmanent withdrew revealing all, shapelessly and swiftly In carmine and crimson stood flaming the sky the relics if myths that exploded and died Dismantle the sun and stars in their rise and […]