Performer DARKNESS

Growing On Me – Darkness

I don’t know what to do I don’t even know who is growing on who ‘Cos everywhere I go you’re […]

Friday Night – Darkness

Do you remember me I used to sit next to you at school We indulged in all the extra-curricular activites […]

Hazel Eyes – Darkness

A town that once could boast prosperity She had trekked for many moons from a land afar But the cruel […]

Givin’ Up – Darkness

Where I’m spending all my dough Honey, all she does is nag, nag, nag But I won’t apologise I’d inject […]

Black Shuck – Darkness

The parishioners were visited upon By a curious beast And his eyes numbered but one and shone like the sun […]

Knockers – Darkness

Living on my own You’re devilish and dirty They say your pushing thirty Well pushing thirty stone Oh Christ, I’m […]

Girlfriend – Darkness

Of showing it Yes, I thought our love was here to stay and blowing it Was never on my agenda […]

Bald – Darkness

Baldness has set in His hair, at an alarming pace Running away from his face He’s losing his virility And […]

Blind Man – Darkness

Oh, he sheds a tear because he just can’t hear the children singing How he used to fantasize Of standing […]