Performer DARKSEED

In Broken Images – Darkseed

with fine falling snow this myth now melts away through bloody archways it flows upstream to see this heartache parching […]

Chariot Wheels – Darkseed

Webs with colours gray But she still delights mirrors magic sights When the moon was overhead The red-crossed knight forever […]

Give Me Light – Darkseed

Sweet smiles the night All creations slept and smiled …never will it be! Give me light, give me pride, beam […]

Frozen Tears – Darkseed

where the eternal dark’s crying so near cold wind plays with my minds when the fog appears and lovely words […]

Autumn – Darkseed

It’s lying there and growing cold Summer’s sunset falls Sunlight flees away and dews of night arise Rainy autumn moves […]

Rain – Darkseed

Life’s black window of Your soul When the day comes You wish I’m dead Black temptation in Your head When […]

Last Dream – Darkseed

Virgirn is singing – apparition of your death exterior of the dark’s standing deep in fern white robe’s waving in […]

Cold – Darkseed

I got your sympathy But now you broke my neck I feel it in my head I see it in […]

Winter Noon – Darkseed

trip we after what we read We the globe can compass soon swifter than the wandering moon I look to […]

I Deny You – Darkseed

Essential for You… May I introduce You to my words: Small amusements give You joy You don’t think about it’s […]

Left Alone – Darkseed

and spreads it’s last silver rays A short glance and then escape to universal spheres The last sinking star leaving […]

Nevermight – Darkseed

Now I think scorn to sigh Your fear by pale-white shown Heavy spellcraft grown… All pride is welkin’ pride and […]