Category: DARKSEED

Cold – Darkseed

I got your sympathy But now you broke my neck I feel it in my head I see it in your eyes I feel it in my head See, you’re feeling cold It’s cold inside of you I’m almost sure You don’t know what you do But now i turn from you Don’t want to […]

Winter Noon – Darkseed

trip we after what we read We the globe can compass soon swifter than the wandering moon I look to like, if looking liking prays I gather thorns, seek night to happy days On life’s vast ocean do we sail I pity myself, ’cause passion is the gale Tears argumenting the fresh morning-dew I know […]

I Deny You – Darkseed

Essential for You… May I introduce You to my words: Small amusements give You joy You don’t think about it’s sense stupid guy… I deny You, I despise You You’re the one ’bout whom I laugh Go to hell now, get a move on! Follow my advice! I deny You, I despise You You’re the […]

Self Pity Sick – Darkseed

I feel You shake, a deed so wrong, wrong in my head Vino two for one today Kiss this bleeding curse away Realscapes away Iron in the air, Your tongue in my mouth Twilight-essence hair when the moon goes south A breeze of sugar-breath so sweetly pale, pale as death Blood-copulate her will Her aim […]

Spiral Of Mystery – Darkseed

Building thorns of defence In the sunset with it’s sovran shine Thorns, i hear them grow Their might to show Proud in their form They desire light Spiral of mystery No heart, no eyes of man can see Welcome to the fields so wide Too nice to be mine… Thoughts too high for one like […]

The Bolt Of Cupid Fell – Darkseed

and dig deep wounds in Your beauty now Your youth’s proud livery so gazed on me tomorrow will be darkened sealed Look how a bird lies tangled in a net Pure shame and awed resistance made him freed So fastened in her arms the favoured lies She found more beauty in his varied eyes Cut […]

Left Alone – Darkseed

and spreads it’s last silver rays A short glance and then escape to universal spheres The last sinking star leaving us and with it the last remaining truth Mankind stained itself with sin Wisdom changed to cold, we hunted everything The last fleeing star says good-bye We’re left in loneliness Stars we cannot buy We’re […]

Nevermight – Darkseed

Now I think scorn to sigh Your fear by pale-white shown Heavy spellcraft grown… All pride is welkin’ pride and so is Your? I have the power to cut My will still wills! My eyes shall be the stream Visional floating scream I breathed a secret vow Leasure serves me now I never was on […]