Performer DARKSIDE

Emesis Of The Soul – Darkside

just a fucked-up soul… Breath of feverish poison Leads my mind in spheres Feeling myself clinched, locked A bloody sabbath […]

The Gloaming – Darkside

Godless dimension, cries of pain Violated bodies of hatred Black lakes burning Souls of the damned Waking the beast down […]

Noohoorsh – Darkside

Called Usketnan Long Time Before Our History. At The Beginning Of Our Story You Can Find Yourself In The Inner […]

Deadly – Darkside

This was the only song we didn’t have lyrics for, when we went into the studio. As we were searching […]

Requiem – Darkside

Dark Fears – An Anthem Of This Time Damnation – The Dreamers Heart Overflown With Purple Red Melancholia Of A […]

Shadowfields – Darkside

A Bleeding Face Of Pain One Voice Sounds Sobing With Horror That Grows Expired, Unsure And Sweet Doing Prayers With […]

Traces Of Red – Darkside

rain covers my face before daylight blood from the slaughter beneath my feet I can? t take it and the […]

Gedanken – Darkside

rasend peitscht Gottes Zorn die Stirn des Besessenen…. Georg Trakl (1887 – 1914) Rise The madness of a big city […]

Pictures In Grey – Darkside

Lonesome under stars tent Walks through the silent hour Boy wakes out of weird dreams His face decaying it seems […]

Evolution? – Darkside

dads abusing newborn blood prayers from a priest in heat a piece of body cut alive sold out for the […]

Copcrusher – Darkside

read – your law – deceit – not reckoning your host see – my fate – no rights – a […]

In Your Eyes – Darkside

Disfigured, Desecrated, Spitten Upon The Cross We Hate This God Before Whom The Pauper Kneel Steel Our Heart, Steel Our […]

Dying World – Darkside

there is black silent marching in the wood seems to be sheer minutes of destruction why do you stand still […]

In Nomine – Darkside

Lewd Paints Harass Me No Heart Was Ever Caught And Cursed In Such Venial Lust Decay Of Dreammade Fear Overflows […]