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Evolution? – Darkside

dads abusing newborn blood prayers from a priest in heat a piece of body cut alive sold out for the highest price a god dethroned is fucking blind stupid people fucked up minds evolution prostitution of the world evolution disillusion of us all weapons kill your loves and lives triggers pulled by children’s eyes politicians […]

Spiritual Galleries – Darkside

Demise strays through the year Decay casting light on shedding of leaves The night River silent shivers As my lids will widen divine Prayers silently whispered Your eyes close your soul is mine ATECH MALKUTH VE GEBURACH VE GEDULACH LE OLAHM CHUMEIN And my wasted life In a terrifying wink of time Restlessly awaiting for […]

Of Vision And Mental Derangement – Darkside

Rush Of Womans’ Robe Turns Me To Stone In The Door The Nightly Silhuette Upon My Head A Rising Shade Of Death I Sank With Stoned Mouth In The Garden Of Stars Shades Of Murder Came Over Me With Purple Brows I Went To The Wood Gods Rage Slashing My Tortured Neck Heart Ringing Softly […]

Shades Of Pictures In Grey – Darkside

Walks Through The Silent Hour Boy Wakes Out Of Weird Dreams His Face Decaying It Seems Crazed Woman With Open Hair In The Window Staring Barred On The Pond On Sweet Drive Lovers Journeying Wonderful Dark Is The Sound Of Springs Rain In The Night Drops Of My Blood Falling Onto Golden Plates In Myrial […]

Copcrusher – Darkside

read – your law – deceit – not reckoning your host see – my fate – no rights – a call to accounts make a mistake – my fault – no statement of claim ruled – to obey – my duty – but I¦ll get my quits with you crush – your illegal seizure of […]

In Your Eyes – Darkside

Disfigured, Desecrated, Spitten Upon The Cross We Hate This God Before Whom The Pauper Kneel Steel Our Heart, Steel Our Soul In Ardent Desire For Death Not Even Born In The Womb Restrained To Their Death Sick Of His Face On Graves And Remains Illusions Of Deliverance And Your Hail Burn Your Church, Burn The […]

Dying World – Darkside

there is black silent marching in the wood seems to be sheer minutes of destruction why do you stand still decay house of your father why do raise up led blackness to your lips you watch a hunter gut his trophy in the wood his hands damp of blood and sweat in the mist you […]

In Nomine – Darkside

Lewd Paints Harass Me No Heart Was Ever Caught And Cursed In Such Venial Lust Decay Of Dreammade Fear Overflows My Tired Heart Only Disgust Remained Of Sweetness Bleeding In Caddish Pain Loud Rushes The Sirens Well Dark Hales The Sphynx Before Our Guilt Our Hearts Trembling With Filth We Cry Forgive Us Our Sins […]