Dirty – Darren Hayes

stylin’ bet you know what you do don’t you baby? eyes that penetrate heat that denigrates lust communicates i can […]

Spin – Darren Hayes

Politically correct isn’t that a joke? We censor music then give children guns On CNN Still fightin’ to death over […]

Light – Darren Hayes

Your light, travelling down so deep Illumination I have been cold, I have been blind You have come to change […]

Unlovable – Darren Hayes

Are my eyes unlookable? Is my skin untouchable? Am I unlovable? Cynical, jaded, faithless, disappointed, disillusioned, used If I could […]

Void – Darren Hayes

These hands have lied before I’ve kissed so many lips it’s blocked my mind I’ve whispered bullshit, nothings I’ve cried […]

Heart Attack – Darren Hayes

My temper’s spat Hot coal, fire and acid jack I’ve been used I feel abused Something you’ve done has lit […]

Insatiable – Darren Hayes

Chasing away the summer heat Footsteps outside somewhere below The world revolves I let it go We build our church […]

Hero – Darren Hayes

I am all that you’re projecting Inside feel the rising tide And the revolutions deafening I was trying to hide […]

Dublin Sky – Darren Hayes

And I don’t know what’s wrong with me I don’t know what’s wrong with me The clouds cover up the […]