Like It Or Not – Darren Hayes

Feet above me Hands in the air You got me falling over and over You got me twisted tied up and tangled I do it all for you You know I’ve been a fool for you I thought I tripped on a shoelace I look down and it’s only you Now I’m standing at a […]

Hero – Darren Hayes

I am all that you’re projecting Inside feel the rising tide And the revolutions deafening I was trying to hide my opposing side Trying to reconcile my magical light Ladies and gentlemen listen up please I don’t want to be your hero (No, I am not open parts of me are broken) Do yourself a […]

Dublin Sky – Darren Hayes

And I don’t know what’s wrong with me I don’t know what’s wrong with me The clouds cover up the Dublin sky I don’t know what’s left of me I don’t know what’s right with me And I’ve tried to keep my distance And I’ve sung Amazing Grace I’ve tarnished all our memories But there’ll […]