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Seven Golden Fires – Darzamat

Before The Mirror Of My Inspiration I Look At My Mirror’s Picture So Who Am I If There Stays A Mind Of An Inexhaustible Mistery With Me? So Dance Faster With The Wind Of Your Shadow So Chase Faster In The Rain Of Storm Feelings Drive The Chariots Of Slassy Clouds Looking For The Silver […]

Theatre Of Rapture – Darzamat

And I Hear The Voice Of My Lust That I Hid Away From The Light Only Desire Can Be The Wind In My Dreams Maybe The Wind Will Find A Look In Nameless Mirror Maybe The Wind Will Find The Inaccessible Jewel I See A Bird On The Sky, Which Steals My Longing And Takes […]

Legend? – Darzamat

Which With His Colour Was Killing The Most Sublime Feelings In Me And The Rain Led Me By The Furthest Corridors Of The Dreams To Show The Pearls Of People’s Minds To Strip The Symbols It Was So Long Ago When The Flashes Of Lighting Were Listening To The Scrteam Of The Thunder Staying In […]