Performer DAUGHTRY

Crazy – Daughtry

When every wound Brings the darkest place to light So why not assume That straight out of the womb I’ve […]

Break The Spell – Daughtry

I’m hypnotized, And like a stone, I’m paralyzed coz I can’t look away, You found your way under my skin, […]

Over You – Daughtry

I can’t believe you were the one To build me up and tear me down, Like an old abandoned house. […]

Ghost Of Me – Daughtry

Then it woke you up last night You sounded so damn worried You’ve been tossing, turning, both ends burning I […]

September – Daughtry

And all those days we spent out by the lake Has it all gone to waste? All the promises we […]

Supernatural – Daughtry

Much colder than I thought even in the month of June No communication makes ya feel so alone All we […]

Used To – Daughtry

I was the only one around. You used to lean on me like The only other choice was falling down. […]

Gone – Daughtry

I’m sinking. Feeling like this could only mean I’m sinking. Well, I’m sinking. Pull me up. Every time I see […]

Gone Too Soon – Daughtry

That you blow out your candles, Make a wish as you close your eyes. Today could have been the day, […]

Long Way – Daughtry

Hopeless nights Looking at.. blinding lights Saw your ghost here tonight It lingers on and I feel your life Pulling […]

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