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One Last Chance – Daughtry

No, don’t add to my mistakes. Tell me you’re not leaving and I’ll tell you everything you need to know. Don’t throw it all away, don’t say my words are just too late. I don’t want to be left behind, I’ve been so blind to all that I have broken. Can we put this back […]

Outta My Head – Daughtry

But it ain’t for me It’s kinda hard when you lay your heart On a one way street I really thought by now You woulda slipped my mind But the kind of love sent from above Is the killing kind Put my mind to rest and try to sleep it off It’ll be alright when […]

We’re Not Gonna Fall – Daughtry

They’ve seen their fair share of hard lives, Looked right into the face of a goodbye, While we walked on the edge of the dark side, After all this time, yeah, We’re not gonna fall now, We’re not gonna bleed out, Never gonna break down, No, No-oh-oh. Coz when these four walls try to cave […]

Losing My Mind – Daughtry

Never thought I’d say I could go insane, ’til I saw your eyes And I had to take another look to know for sure That you could be for real You found an empty seat sittin’ next to me And I asked your name Where you comin’ from? Where you headed to this Saturday? ‘Cause […]

It’s Not Over – Daughtry

What could I say? It all seemed to make sense. You’ve taken away everything, And I can’t deal with that. I try to see the good in life, But good things in life are hard to find. We’ll blow it away, blow it away. Can we make this something good? Well, I’ll try to do […]

Maybe We’re Already Gone – Daughtry

White lies tearin’ up a small town Lost cause, someone’s gotta break through Coin toss, give away your next move So much talkin’, left with walkin’ Is this really what we wanted? I don’t think we’ll ever know Know you’re sayin’ hell we’re payin’ Everything we want is fadin’ Faster than you’ll ever know Can […]

Everything But Me – Daughtry

I’d give my soul just to see her face If I’d have known it meant my suitcase Of everything that you just couldn’t say How’d you know I needed that today? Wherever you are is where I want to be Look around and tell me what you see Everything, everything but me No matter how […]

What About Now – Daughtry

As love is fading, From all the things that we are But are not saying. Can we see beyond the scars And make it to the dawn? Change the colors of the sky. And open up to The ways you made me feel alive, The ways I loved you. For all the things that never […]

There and Back Again – Daughtry

Smell the roses, but steal the vines. Don’t wait for the hands of time To second guess and change your mind. And shine. Here’s your moment to shine. Shine. Lay down, my friend. Close your eyes, breathe in, And I’ll take you there and back again. No more questions why. I’m not so surprised Why […]

What I Meant To Say – Daughtry

Wounded by the same ole shots you take It’s easier to kick me when I’m low And I just thought that you should know I’ve been holding on while you’ve been letting go Well, it’s not too late to say it right this time ‘Cause I know I said I’m sorry but that’s not what […]