Repetition – David Bowie

And he’s bigger than you But his overheads are high And he looks straight through when you ask him how […]

Afraid – David Bowie

I got so lost on the shore I wish I was taller Things really matter to me But I put […]

Survive – David Bowie

I should have kept you I should have tried I should have been a wiser kind of guy I miss […]

Blue Jean – David Bowie

Blue Jean-she got a camouflaged face and no money Remember they always let you down when you need ’em Oh, […]

Reality – David Bowie

The tragic youth was wearing tattered black jeans Bearing arms and flaunting all her mischief The tragic youth was going […]

Rosal YN – David Bowie

Hey Rosalyn, tell me where you’ve been All the night and all the day High risk is the game you […]

We Prick You – David Bowie

(I wish you’d tell, I wish you’d tell) Flesh punks burning in their glue Revolution comes in the strangest way […]

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