Right – David Bowie

Keeping it in the back Taking it all the right way Never no turning back Never need, no Never no […]

The Supermen – David Bowie

And mountain magic heavy hung The supermen would walk in file Guardians of a loveless isle And gloomy browed with […]

Days – David Bowie

Keep me cool Going mad Don’t know what to do Do I need a friend? Well, I need one now […]

Starman – David Bowie

Didn’t know what time it was the lights were low oh how I leaned back on my radio oh oh […]

Soul Love – David Bowie

A brave son – who gave his life to see the slogan That hovers between the headstone and her eyes […]

Space Oddity – David Bowie

Ground Control to Major Tom Take your protein pills and put your helmet on Ground Control to Major Tom (Ten, […]

Heroes – David Bowie

And you, you will be queen Though nothing will drive them away We can beat them, just for one day […]

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