Sell Me A Coat – David Bowie

A winter’s day, a bitter snowflake on my face My summer girl takes little backward steps away Jack Frost took her hand and left me, Jack Frost ain’t so cool Sell me a coat with buttons of silver Sell me a coat that’s red or gold Sell me a coat with little patch pockets Sell […]

Letter To Hermoine – David Bowie

Do do do do dah dah da da da Do do do do dah dah The hand that wrote this letter Sweeps the pillow clean So rest your head and read a treasured dream I care for no one else but you I tear my soul to cease the pain I think maybe you feel […]

Join The Gang – David Bowie

Johnny plays the sitar, he’s an existentialist Once he had a name, now he plays our game You won’t feel so good now that you’ve joined the gang Molly is the model in the ads Crazy clothes and acid full of soul and crazy hip Someone switched her on, then her beam went wrong Cause […]

I Keep Forgetting – David Bowie

I keep forgetting you don’t want me no more I keep forgetting that you told me that you Didn’t want me around any more But these stupid old feet Just head for your street Like they’ve done so many times before And this stuborn old fist On the end of my wrist Keeps a knocking […]

I Keep Forgetting – David Bowie

I keep forgetting you don’t want me no more I keep forgetting that you told me that you Didn’t want me around any more But these stupid old feet Just head for your street Like they’ve done so many times before And this stuborn old fist On the end of my wrist Keeps a knocking […]

Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed – David Bowie

I see you see me through your window Don’t turn your nose up Well, you can if you need to, you won’t be the first or last It must strain you to look down so far from your father’s house And I know what a louse like me in his house could do for you […]

Cracked Actor – David Bowie

The best of the last, the cleanest star they ever had I’m stiff on my legend, the films that I made Forget that I’m fifty cause you just got paid Crack, baby, crack, show me you’re real Smack, baby, smack, is that all that you feel Suck, baby, suck, give me your head Before you […]

Because You’re Young – David Bowie

Little metal faced-boy – don’t stay away They’re so war-torn and resigned she can’t talk any more What are they trying to prove? What would they like to find? It’s love back to front and no sides – like I say These pieces are broken – like I say These pieces are broken Hope I’m […]

And I Say To Myself – David Bowie

I’ve got it wrong, wrong, wrong She is a play-girl She the wrong wrong girl for me And I say to myself You’re a fool, fool, fool She doesn’t love you She doesn’t need you, this I know She’s got a trail of men that she takes Wherever she goes She hasn’t the strength to […]

Teenage Wildlife – David Bowie

With its promise of something hard to do A real life adventure worth more than pieces of gold Blue skies above and sun on your arms strength your stride And hope in those squeaky clean eyes You’ll get chilly receptions everywhere you go Blinded with desire – I guess the season is on So you […]

Sweet Thing – David Bowie

It’s safe in the city to love in a doorway To strangle some screams from the dawn And isn’t it me, putting pain in a stranger? Like a portrait in flesh, who trails on a leash Will you see that I’m scared and I’m lonely? So I’ll break up my room, and yawn and I […]

Bring Me The Disco King – David Bowie

You’d let me know when the time was now Don’t let me know when you’re opening the door Stab me in the dark, let me disappear Memories that flutter like bats out of hell Stab you from the city spires Life wasn’t worth the balance Or the crumpled paper it was written on Don’t let […]

What In The World – David Bowie

Never mind, say something Wait until the crowd cries Oh, wait until the crowd cries You’re just a little girl with grey eyes So deep in your room, you never leave your room Something deep inside of me – yearning deep inside of me Talking through the gloom What in the world can you do […]

Lady Stardust – David Bowie

Laughed at his long black hair, his animal grace The boy in the bright blue jeans Jumped up on the stage And lady stardust sang his songs Of darkness and disgrace And he was alright, the band was all together Yes he was alright, the song went on forever Yes he was awful nice Really […]

Song For Bob Dylan – David Bowie

I wrote a song for you About a strange young man called Dylan With a voice like sand and glue Some words of truthful vengeance They could pin us to the floor Brought a few more people on And put the fear in a whole lot more Ah, Here she comes Here she comes Here […]

The Hearts Filthy Lesson – David Bowie

Heart’s filthy lesson Heart’s filthy lesson There’s always the diamond friendly Sitting in the Laugh Hotel The heart’s filthy lesson With her hundred miles to hell Oh, Ramona, if there was only something between us If there was only something between us Other than our clothes Something in our skies Something in our skies Something […]

We Prick You – David Bowie

(I wish you’d tell, I wish you’d tell) Flesh punks burning in their glue Revolution comes in the strangest way (I wish you’d tell, I wish you’d tell) I’d rather be inside you Tell the truth Tell the truth Tell the truth We prick you We prick you We prick you Tell the truth Tell […]

Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Let’s dance Let’s dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues Let’s dance, to the song they’re playin’ on the radio Let’s sway, while colour lights up your face Let’s sway, sway through the crowd to an empty space If you say run, I’ll run with you And if you say hide, we’ll […]

Shining Star [ Makin’ My Love] – David Bowie

Burns on his brain like Chernobyl Dean was seen with a two bag purchase He was lying dead on his mother’s bed Someone to pray for-till I met you Life is like a broken arrow memory a swingin’ door I could be your great misfortune I can make you happy every day of your life […]

Watching That Man – David Bowie

Everybody drank a lot of something nice There was an old fashioned band of married men Looking up to me for encouragement – it was so-so The ladies looked bad but the music was sad No one took their eyes off Lorraine She shimmered and she strolled like a Chicago moll Her feathers looked better […]

African Night Flight – David Bowie

More men fall in Hullabaloo men I slide to the nearest bar Undermine chairman I went too far Bent on a windfall rent a sony Wonder how the dollar went down Gotta get a word to Elizabeth’s father Hey no, he wished me well Seemed like another day I could fly into the eye of […]

Quicksand – David Bowie

Immersed in Crowley’s uniform Of imagery I’m living in a silent film Portraying Himmler’s sacred realm Of dream reality I’m frightened by the total goal Drawing to the ragged hole And I ain’t got the power, anymore No I ain’t got the power anymore I’m the twisted name on Garbo’s eyes Living proof of Churchill’s […]

Port Of Amsterdam – David Bowie

There’s a sailor who sings Of the dreams that he brings From the wide open sea In the port of Amsterdam There’s a sailor who sleeps While the river bank weeps To the old willow tree In the port of Amsterdam There’s a sailor who dies Full of beer, full of cries In a drunken […]

Aladdin Sane – David Bowie

Sake and strange divine Uh-hu-hu-uh-hu-hu you’ll make it Passionate bright young things, takes him away to war – don’t fake it Sadden glissando strings Uh-hu-hu-uh-hu-hu – you’ll make it Who’ll love Aladdin Sane Battle cries and champagne just in time for sunrise Who’ll love Aladdin Sane Motor sensational, Paris or maybe hell – (I’m waiting) […]

Panic In Detroit – David Bowie

He looked a lot like Che Guevara, drove a diesel van Kept his gun in quiet seclusion, such a humble man The only survivor of the National People’s Gang Panic in Detroit, I asked for an autograph He wanted to stay home, I wish someone would phone Panic in Detroit (oh oh oh aahh, oh […]

Candidate – David Bowie

We’ll pretend we’re walking home ’cause your future’s at stake My set is amazing, it even smells like a street There’s a bar at the end where I can meet you and your friend Someone scrawled on the wall “I smell the blood of les tricoteuses” Who wrote up scandals in other bars I’m having […]

The Jean Genie – David Bowie

Strung out on lasers and slash back blazers Ate all your razors while pulling the waiters Talking bout Monroe and walking on Snow White New York’s a go-go and everything tastes nice Poor little Greenie, woh ho Get back home The Jean Genie lives on his back The Jean Genie loves chimney stacks He’s outrageous, […]

If I’m Dreaming My Life – David Bowie

Was she ever Was it air she breathed At the wrong time Oh ho Oh ho Oh ho Oh ho All the flowers so From the gallery With the hymns of night Singing come to me At the wrong time On the wrong day All the lights are fading now If I’m dreaming all my […]

Neighborhood Threat – David Bowie

Look down you backstair buddy Somebody’s living there and He don’t really feel the weather And he don’t share your pleasures No he don’t share your pleasures Look at his eyes Did you see his crazy eyes You’re so surprised he don’t run to catch your ash Everybody always wants to kiss your trash Ah […]

Can’t Help Thinking About Me – David Bowie

My head’s bowed in shame It seems that I’ve blackened the family name Mother says that she can’t stand the neighbours talking I’ve gotta pack my bags, leave this home, start walking, yeah I’m guilty I wish that I was sorry this time I wish that I could pay for my crime I can’t help […]

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