Performer DAVID COOK

Bar-ba-sol – David Cook

the daylight had already passed me It was such a fight to fade away to sleep It’s a fuge, i’m […]

Analog Heart – David Cook

And I know not to let it linger This moment Is potent ‘Cause I’m feeling a transition From the city […]

Lie – David Cook

got a look in you’re eye looks a lot like goodbye hold on to your secrets tonight don’t want to […]

Makeover – David Cook

Fall behind with words unsaid you know they’re always obscene ’cause my ears, they bled before I need to let […]

Light On – David Cook

Afraid it wouldn’t be enough Just try to keep my spirits up When there’s no point in grieving Doesn’t matter […]

Mr. Sensitive – David Cook

watch him scream, watch him shout through the silence through the silence give him ears give him eyes give some […]

Avalanche – David Cook

and all at once I am whole again We fall into each other Your atmosphere is all I’m breathin’ in […]

Heroes – David Cook

It reminds of me of where I want to be With you and you alone Hold me in like you […]

A Daily Anthem – David Cook

This is temporary sanity, an exercise in vanity So long, to the ordinary day wrought with fictitious tales Of how […]

Declaration – David Cook

imperfect words inside the perfect song I feel you closer than you are and I’ve been waiting far too long, […]

Silver – David Cook

I will always be a footnote A distant memory A warning sign of mistakes made The kind that you learn […]

The Truth – David Cook

There’s no remedy I see your face in every single thing I do You change me Your laugh intoxicating One […]

Stitches – David Cook

To the day of departure has slowly been eating away It’s a meltdown It’s a personal torture I never saw […]

Porcelain – David Cook

Through rose-colored glasses I can’t see the blood in my hand Now you’re over, you’re so over All over my […]

Searchlights – David Cook

For these searchlights are growing dim. I know this isn’t much to recollect Better now to close this puppet show […]

Permanent – David Cook

I look you in the eye? Forgive my broken promise that you`ll never see me cry And everything It will […]