Category: DAVID COOK

Fall Back Into Me – David Cook

We’ll be here again so go on and rest your head Before you lose it again We’re leaning on each other Or at least I can pretend That we didn’t lose it all again It could have been different It could have all been the same But now I’m standing at your front door, singing, […]

Searchlights – David Cook

For these searchlights are growing dim. I know this isn’t much to recollect Better now to close this puppet show And say that it’s the end. But for me, Could you ready yourself And hold on for a moment? Just for me, Could you bury it all And hold on for a moment? You make […]

Permanent – David Cook

I look you in the eye? Forgive my broken promise that you`ll never see me cry And everything It will surely change Even if I tell you I won`t go away today Will you think that you`re all alone When no one`s there to hold your hand? And all you know seems so far away […]

The Time Of My Life – David Cook

To turn into something I could believe in And looking for that Magic rainbow On the horizon I couldn’t see it Until I let go Gave into love and watched all the bitterness burn Now I’m coming alive Body and soul And feelin’ my world start to turn And I’ll taste every moment And live […]