Performer DAWN

Night Of The Living Dead – Dawn

their timeless slumber Soulless participants in this unholy ritual, the dead crawl from their earthen prisons Bodies decayed beyond recognition, […]

Soil Of Dead Earth – Dawn

Forcing me down Deep into pain Uncontrolled suffering Hysteria – Crying No blood in my veins Left here alone Hear […]

Falcula – Dawn

A life in ruins. Promises made. But only deceit. Face down. Always spat on, hated, despised Pure human waste No […]

The Stalker’s Blessing – Dawn

The soulless, remorseless, everlasting Hunting for the next tender pray Leaving dead the soul it rapes Drained of hope, drained […]

The Aphelion Deserts – Dawn

Culmination point Where solar sons decline Deserting thrones of stellar winds divine Dusk – Dawn Twilight aureates Balance breeds hostility […]