Performer DEAD HEAD

Saved – Dead Head

Every hour I’m trying Machines keep my brains alive Taking away my rest I, I’ve lived a life Full of […]

The Festering – Dead Head

Feel the frozen hatred Burning, inside Watch the place where she died Waiting for the reborn Coming from below To […]

Mahler – Dead Head

Troubles to appear Guided by an ancient heart No time for even fear Deception of a shoveled earth Too many […]

Wings On Fire – Dead Head

When the presence becomes too strong Embedded in green serenity The gardens seem lost too long I saw my heaven […]

From Belial – Dead Head

Evil blood runs in our veins Sacrifice, we have to kill the bastard son We’ll give our lives, Belial reigns […]

Cold Being – Dead Head

Dawn of hatred, fear inside Ways of chaos, judge your soul Rules abandonned, God behind For the one inside of […]

Pesticide – Dead Head

No tomorrow Radiance rules the air With hatred inside Men gathered now in the mortuary Possessed by the radiant heat […]