Deadly – Darkside

This was the only song we didn’t have lyrics for,
when we went into the studio.
As we were searching for some sound effects at some local radio station,
we came across this tragic announcement.
Right extremists are on the rise again all over the world.
53 years after the tragedy of Lidice, a czech village completely
burned down by the german Wehrmacht as revenge for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich,
there is still a lot of people who don’t seem to understand.
We want to memorize all victims of fascist regimes
(communism in it’s living form was also fascism!), especially the people of Lidice.
Millions of dead accuse rightist policy. All of you who still don’t understand – FUCK YOU!!!

Knights of terror and insanity
Ruling peoples destiny
Forced by crippeled history
Don’t let it come back again

Fear me – your death
Alive – you see
My killing – you
Is here

Men is here – to death
Women i see – in pain
Children – be killed
By fascist slaves

The killing begins
No reason for it
Revenge for a fucking

Lidice – burned down
Racist rage – began
Solution – to start
Dictator’s insane

Dealing with pain each day, surrender to their suffering
A brutal sttement of power against a mankind insane

The pain!

Sad youth – alone
Growing up – right now
No idols – for them
Reflecting on it

Falling – to you
We want to – show the way

Lyric Deadly – Darkside